Life is like a video game.

You keep going on to the next level.

It is an inevitable thing.

We all were born as a baby. We went to school, graduated college, went to uni, and now we stuck at work.

When we were at school, we wanted to go to college. When we were at college, we wanted to go to uni. When we were at uni, we wanted to get a job, a real one.

I was the same.

It wasn’t long enough after I graduated, I started my own career as a junior architect at a startup design studio. All was well, but does doing it feed something to my soul? No.

I wandered around Bali to discover new stuff to see, to eat, and to do every weekend with my friend. And, doing that opened my eyes.

It wasn’t because of myself, though. I was going to a market in Canggu, a hipster area in Bali for a meetup with my office slash party partner. He was a busy interior designer who was doing another project during the weekend, so he couldn’t keep us as his company for long. He introduced us to someone who is capable to bring the mood up every time she is around.

She, for me, is an inspiring woman.

I learned a lot from her.

I recently broke up with my boyfriend. That day I went to Canggu to make myself busy so I wouldn’t even get the time to think about him.

And she was like a gift from God. The three of us got along well, we talked about love, relationship, work, and other endless topics.

It was like from the first meeting, she gave the impression of ‘we’re gonna be best friends for a long time’. And that was proven.

The following two weekends, we were spending the time to either swam at the beach, went to the waterfall or a party or had a midnight dip at the rooftop pool after the party. Those days were too beautiful to remember.

We had a great time until finally she had to leave Bali. She got another amazing thing to do to inspire more people than she did here in Bali. She needed to do that, the people around her needed her to do that. It was some kind of a symbiosis.

Anyway, why I brought her up to this post is because I learned something about work life from her.

She taught me how to be different, to share positive thoughts with other people, and how to find happiness in every single corner.

Life has brought me to a lot of struggles and boundaries to be creative with. It was about the money, the friends, the boss, the environment, the family, the distance. Basically, everything.

And, she was somehow inspired me to pursue what give food for my soul.

I always love writing and architecture. She told me to pursue that as a career, which I’m still figuring out how. She told me to leave my job so I can pursue that too.

“Why should you chase over something that won’t chase you back? won’t give any happiness to you? won’t give a change for your life?”

From that on, I found myself stumbled upon job searching site to find what kind of job I should apply, and who would appreciate to work together with me.

Level up, I would call it.

Because of her, I found that this life has a lot more to give.

And to be in one place is not what we humans are designed to. We are designed to develop for ourselves and others. To live our life to the fullest.

I have resigned from my job now. I got one more week to finish this work as an architect. I was so thankful because she gave me a courage to finally do that.

I will start the new level soon. I hope spending the time with positive people will help me to realize the beautiful things in life too.

For you, I thank You.

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