The Book of Questions

Career or Love?

If you know me enough, you know that I am a fan of this book, called “The Book of Questions” written by Gregory Stock. And, from that book, I also like to create more detailed questions to whomever I meet, depending on their personalities.

So, one day, my friends and I were sitting in some place, talking about what we worry more in life than anything, which is career and love. He was worried about his career and I was worried about love. Then, I came up into this question:

If you have to choose between these two, what would you choose, career or love?

He immediately said that he would choose career, because by building his career, later on the love life will come easier to him. Then, I asked, what if you were in the middle of this job offer that could take you to the other side of the world, but suddenly you met someone and you just knew that you wanted to be with her for the rest of your life? He was quiet for a second, looked up while thinking, then said “I would probably someone later that is meant for me, when the time is right.”

Well, he is not wrong.

But, as the hopeless romantic I am, I would say I would choose love over everything. I mean, love is a very deep feeling which can bring you so much hope, passion, and happiness. And it is very rare for someone to have the deep connection with someone who you love and love you back. You want to hold on to that person, no matter what.

Or maybe because the last time I faced the same situation, I chose my career instead of love. Instead of holding on, I push away people that care about me. And the only one who ends up suffering is myself.

Regardless of the every event that has happened along the way, I’m thankful that I still believe in love and in the power of love. I’m thankful that I still notice that love brings so many beautiful inexplicable thing that somehow people don’t see. I’m thankful that I still have so many people who stay by my side and understand me more than I understand myself.

For everyone who stays, thank you. For everyone who left, thank you for giving me something to upgrade about myself.

How about you? What would you choose? Career or love?

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