Back to Basics: Living

I was checking my Facebook messages and a friend in one of my groups, posted a link to an article written by Anna Cosio about Nadine Lustre’s ambush interview where she said, “ It’s 2017… If that was true, so what? There are younger couples who do that… It’s normal na… Come on, guys. Let’s all just be open-minded.” In her comment, she neither admitted nor denied the issue at hand.

Anna cited some sociological studies where cohabitation is disadvantageous especially to women where she concluded, “Cohabitation is not the way to go for a successful marriage… That is why I hope that Ms. Lustre’s younger female fans would not take her word as gospel.”

Now, there has been an ongoing debate about cohabitation. Premarital cohabitation and what not has been in existence for the longest time. And we must remember that there is always two side of a coin. There will always be Pros and Cons. And people will always have differing opinions.

Feanne wrote an article in defense to Nadine, stating it’s none of our business, and that, they have the right to do whatever it is they want in their personal lives. While this is true and I could not agree more,, it is important to note that being a celebrity, you are in a spotlight and are being looked up by the thousands if not millions of youth, so you have to be extra cautious of your actions since people will always associate you as a “role model”.

As for the public especially the youth, you have to strive to know better. We all have that responsibility to develop ourselves and be responsible for what we say or do. And while maturity does not necessarily come with age, I urge everyone to be careful of everything we hear and believe in because they become our principles in life.

There are many things that distract us from living “life”. A lot of things attack the very core of our existence. We fall prey, time and again. What I am trying to say is, the constant battle between good and evil in every generation is that evil does not only tempt us but make us believe that it is okay and acceptable because everyone is doing it. Just because everyone is doing it and we have become open-minded and liberated, doesn’t make it right. We have to be mindful; it might be a wolf in a sheep’s clothing.

Photo Credit: theconcussionblog

Setting aside all the scientific studies recent or not, let us go Back to Basics, sex and marriage are not designed that way. And yes, we are in the year 2017, we have become a people of instants. We want everything instant, instant noodles, instant coffee, instant gratification, instant everything, but there is wisdom in waiting. As they say, “Patience is a virtue”. Like in all things, when you wait for something long enough or longer, once we have it, we value it more than the things we got sooner.

Again, the biblical wisdom of to do and what not to do have always been there to remind us that there are consequences of our actions, whether or not we follow, the decision is upon us. God does not impose these to us. Remember, we have free will. Love and respect have a major part in this day and age, whether it is in the decision one has made, between peoples, or the between partners.

The fact remains, we are all sinners. As it is written in John 8:7, it says, “Let him who is without sin among you be the first to throw a stone at her”. Stop the hating and pointing fingers. Instead, let us be mature and responsible in living our lives pleasing and acceptable to God. Whether which side you are on, you are not accountable to anyone but yourself and your God.

Much love ❤