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How dare you come prepared with facts! This is the era of feelings over logic!

No response from OP in defense… hahaha

Here is a response I wrote last night to another article that pertains to this one as well:

You seem to suffer under the delusion that the so called “strides” these progressives (i.e. social communists) have made are in fact good for our country. It is very easy for rich Hollywood Elites to get behind obamacare because they can afford to pay for 3x-4x more for insurance in order to cover all the free insurance being handed out. The real majority of America, can not afford this. In fact, many of us have had to cancel our insurance all together. Now we have people who could pay their own way, without ANY insurance. This is not something worth fighting for, it is something to run from! Under the one plan available in my area, I’d have to pay $30K in principle and deductible in the year before insurance coverage kicked in. And it will keep going up EVERY YEAR! Not by some expected inflationary amounts, these are 50%-100%+ hikes.
What we need in our country is to get the industries we lost under the Clinton’s NAFTA agreement so that everyone can afford to pay their own way. Then the manageable programs like Medicaid can be what it was designed to be, insurance for those who can not afford their own coverage due to health/disability/loss of job/pregnancy ect… Not this watered down, one-size fits all stripped-down shred of insurance it once was. Medicaid is now the “Bottom Tier” insurance plan, expanded and diluted to the point any American should be embarrassed of.
And this is why these Socialist, oh I’m sorry, “progressive” programs fail. The rich politicians do not want to foot the bill within their own income brackets. So who covers all these social programs? All of the lower-middle class and up. The wealthy need not worry they are subsidized right out of any burden, and politicians actually benefit from the deals made in these programs.
Things would be very different if politicians had to worry about not having insurance, or better yet, worry about having to pay for health insurance. 
And you think you lost the election because of Russia? The “Liberal Left” need to wake up from this collective hallucination before it is too late; clutching at any cause that can give them an audience, even if they were against that audience few years ago, i.e. illegal immigration. Our country was created in a particular way in which it is free to swing to the pull of the political power at the time. However this system works as a metaphorical pendulum at times; too much pull in one direction against the will of the people, causes a stronger and faster response in the opposite. This is why liberal/socialist/democrats lost the election. No Russian influence, not sexism or racism… Plainly because it was the only clear option for the majority. A majority who are now suffering from being on the wrong side of socialist programs. (“Socialist programs”, not to be confused with “social programs”) Hillary on the campaign trail talking about cutting taxes for the middle class; A “middle class” she defined as those earning over $250,000 annually which is actually in the top 5% in America… That didn’t help either. ( ) To her defense though, her opinion (and accent) changes every few months (or according to the audience).