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Smoking is a harmful habit and can cause serious health related problems, lung diseases and even cancer. People try really hard to quit it but the addiction is so strong that they find themselves helpless. There are a lot of substances available in the market like gums, patches etc which claim to make your craving for nicotine go away but they are seldom successful. It is a common human behavior to find alternate methods around things when they become too harmful. Vaping is a well known alternative to smoking as it does not contain the harmful substances that are found in a regular tobacco cigarette. With smoking, the people near you also face the perils that come with passive smoking. Quitting is not easy for many people therefore, vaping as an alternative is highly successful. With time the trend of vaping has seen a huge uproar with a lot of people switching to a better option of the two. Vaping allows them to fulfill the addiction but with no harmful effects to the body.

Vaping is nothing but the art of producing smoke while inhaling ejuice or vape juice though a hand held electronic cigarette which runs on battery. E Cig, as it is commonly known, is a handheld device that vaporizes a flavored liquid. The E cigarettes produce water vapour which can be inhaled and hence some refer to this as vaping. E liquids come in numerous flavors and are used to fill these E cigs. Moreover you can also select the nicotine strength of the flavor as per your preference or choose the completely nicotine free ones too. It gives the same amount of pleasure as smoking a real cigarette only without the harmful tobacco entering your body. Those who are not regular smokers also try vaping for fun. Electronic cigarettes have become the most preferred alternative to smoking the harmful tobacco cigarettes.

The popularity of the E cigs and e juice has led many companies to manufacture the same. There are few popular brands and flavor of e juices online like Five Pawns e juice Queenside, which is like delicate blood orange with creamy French vanilla flavor and Five Pawns Grandmaster, which is smooth creamy peanut butter with banana cream and balanced with velvety caramel flavor and many other. However make it a point to buy from a genuine website selling e juice and other vaping accessories.

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