Buy Interesting Flavors Like Cumulus And Crud Vape Juice At Great Prices Online

Once you start trying your hand at e-cigarettes, you will come to know about their myriad functions and features. There is so much to explore ranging from mods to batteries, types and flavors. If you are starting off with e-cigarettes, then lighter mods and rechargeable batteries are one of the best deals for you. You can discover more types and options available on many stores. Once you have passed the introductory stage of vaping and have a clear idea about the main difference between smoking tobacco cigarettes and e-cigarettes, you can satiate your temptation for unfolding the varied flavors of e-juices available in the market. While the top ones like crud vape juice and cumulus vape juice maintain their position in the list, you would be wondering to know about many other interesting flavors that are available under many famous brands.
Grandmaster: One of the most expensive e-juices, grandmaster is a presentation by Five Pawn that delivers all the fair value of its price. The well hand crafted e-juice is made of one of the finest ingredients and produces pleasing vape. Whether experienced or amateur, you got to try this flavor.
Milk and Honey: The one famous flavor that hasn’t lost its popularity since the day it was launched has a subtle spicy and pungent flavor. It also gives you a hint of honey sweetness amid the spicy flavor throughout. This is a creation of Cosmic Fog.
Gummy Bear: Whatever age you belong to, you can never say no to jiggly gummy bears, and now by the grace of Pink Spot Vapors, you can vape the gummy flavor. The candy fragrance of mixed fruit is so delicious that you have to have it in your e-juice box.
Thug Juice: A creation by Mt. Baker Vapor, it is a very refreshing flavor with a hint of menthol. It also has sweetness of fruits like water melon, grape and apple. If you are bored with your same current flavor, this kid deserves a chance because it will give you fruity and minty feeling while vaping.
Mango Pitaya Pineapple: A vape juice by Pachamama, this e-juice resembles a fruity cocktail that gives multiple flavors all at once.
You can shop for all the above flavors from online stores at great prices. You will discover more unheard and interesting flavors on these famous online stores that can enhance your experience manifold.
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