SMOK Species Kit review -Exquisite touch screen and sincere works

SMOK Species Kit

SMOK has a variety of products in the field of touch screen, today we share a new release of its touch screen kit:SMOK Species Kit.Dual-battery 230W output, 1.45" TFT touch screen, TFV8 Baby V2 tank, mesh coil.Compared with the previous touch screen kits, it has a smaller size and a more refined touch experience.

The Species received this time is prism chrome and black version.The surface is made of polished bright cadmium silver, which has a mirror effect and is very aesthetic.The front operation area is covered by a black panel, a 1.45-inch TFT touch screen is centered, and a lock screen button and a Micro USB port are provided below.

The ergonomic grip feels and the integrated hidden ignition button can respectively correspond to the pressing and ignition operation of the finger and palm position when the front and back are held. It is also the family style design that the SMOK kits always uses on the ignition key.

Due to the touch screen control, there is no physical +- button, the bottom of the host screen corresponds to a lock screen button, which supports one button to unlock/unlock, thereby reducing the power consumption caused by the bright screen.

The Species mod uses a 1.45-inch TFT touch screen that is extremely delicate and sleek. The overall size of the mod is reduced, so the screen size is reduced compared to previous products.Full touch screen control, finger touch +- can adjust the increase and decrease power, touch feedback is sensitive, the remaining power, output, resistance, voltage and other resident steam information is simple and clear at a glance, use small and fine to describe this screen more appropriate!

The Species Kit is equipped with a new TFV8 Baby v2 tank. Since it is a new product, it can’t be skimmed over.

TFV8 Baby v2 tank

Compared with the TFV12 Prince tank, the v2 tank is smaller and more compact in size and shape,especially the striking new bulb glass tube.It can support up to 5ML e-juice storage capacity, which still continues SMOK’s main high e-juice storage and big smoke route.

The kit contains two Baby V2 coils, including a Baby V2 A1 0.17Ω mesh coil and a Baby V2 A2 dual-steel-mesh coil,and the corresponding optimal power are: A1 (90W-140W), A2 (50W-80W).

To sum up, new UI touch screen experience, exquisite workmanship,dual battery tiny size 230W output,the new TFV8 Baby V2 tank, 5ml e-juice storage, and a variety of fresh elements, full of sincerity, full of technology.

Where to buy

You can buy SMOK Species Kit on vapesourcing vape online.