Down in Goldhill

Company C saw him in Goldhill Township, Illinois, walking amongst their troops. He was short in stature and like many in the Union this late in the war he did not wear his full uniform. What made him stand out were the funny hat which no soldier would be seen…

And the accusation you can’t escape

You’re the greatest designer the universe has ever known. You were born in a vacuum and self-engendered all of your skills before your senses were even alive. You emerged from the womb with a personal vision unlike anyone else’s. You take nothing, only give. …


Authors and designers, say goodbye to pagination

I love printed pages. They are objects, bound together, presented for sequential consumption, but also ideal for non-linear exploration. For most of my life, pages seemed like the perfect set of facets for reading and exploring books.

But something has happened to the notion of the page, something new. It’s…

FuckedCompany and CNET were where the rumors started appearing. We all gossipped like provincial country dames. Several people said they had heard from "people upstairs" that the news was certain. An engineer leaned over to me and said, in a thick Israeli accent, "Did you hear about it? The latest…

Aaron Steven Miller

Tech and dirt, philosophy/fabrication. From the midwest, where pastoral/dirt mixes with academic/tech, and interesting things emerge. Based in NYC.

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