Voopoo Drag 2 Kit with Uforce T2 Review

My favorite colors are Puzzle (center) and Ink (second from the right)

The new Drag 2 from Voopoo is now available at your local vape shop! So is it a worthy successor to the already fantastic Drag? Well to start with, the Drag 2 still looks, feels and operates like the original Drag, which is a great start. When you’re updating something that’s already great, it’s best to make small changes to avoid ruining it. While just about every part has been changed, they are small changes, and welcome ones.


They’ve added a plastic lens in front of the screen, modified the magnetic battery door, updated the resin color options, changed the chip format a bit, raised the wattage limit to 177w from 157w, made the device as a whole smaller, and my favorite part, they made it more comfortable to hold.

Some high-precision laser etching on the Drag 2

There are plenty of smaller (but still significant) changes as well, such as laser etching that isn’t as bright as the original Drag, a smoother finish that feels softer in the hands, and a more centered 510.

The size difference between the original Drag (left) to the Drag 2 (right) is pretty substantial

All of these little changes add up to a better looking device that’s more user friendly and more comfortable to hold.

The Drag 2 feels just as fast and accurate as the original, which still leads the market in outright performance. They have unfortunately kept the temperature control system from the original drag, which those who have experience with it will know was always a little lackluster.

As is standard, the Temperature is adjustable from 200–600 degrees Fahrenheit

A wattage limit of 80w seems to perpetually under-power just about any temperature control compatible coil I’ve tried, though with the ability to adjust the TCR, you can compensate for the low wattage pretty well.

The Voopoo logo has also undergone a subtle redesign. It looks great!

Rather than focus on traditional temperature control though, I prefer to focus on the capabilities of standard “wattage mode” coils. Rather than only being able to run in wattage mode, you can also use the curve mode and FIT modes.

The Drag 2 features a puff timer as well, proudly displaying some rookie numbers

The curve mode that was retained from the original Drag allows you to choose your wattage for every half second of every puff. To get a temperature control-style vape, I like to set the wattage high at first to act as a preheat, then drop to a little bit above my usual wattage, lowering the wattage for every subsequent half second.

This is what one of my Curve settings looks like. Each bar is half a second

This starts the draw out strong, but instead of heating the coil more and more as you drag, the wattage slowly goes down to maintain a consistent temperature. Interestingly enough, you can also use the curve feature for temperature control, adjusting the temperature for every half second instead of the wattage.

New to the Drag 2, the FIT modes are very beginner-friendly

The FIT modes I will admit I am not a huge fan of, purely because it feels like the device is trying to do something that I don’t want. FIT modes 1, 2 and 3 are battery saver, flavor and cloud mode, respectively. In battery saver mode, it just feels like low wattage. Not only is this a disappointing vape, but it could potentially kill your coils much faster than normal. It’s also possible to turn down your wattage yourself in a matter of seconds in the standard wattage mode. The flavor mode reduces the power when you first hit the fire button and slowly ramps up, which I can definitely see working with some tanks, but with the N3 triple mesh coil in the Uforce T2 tank, it didn’t seem to be helping the flavor whatsoever.

The coils feature a minimum fill line to help reduce leaking

In cloud mode, I actually noticed a slight decrease in cloud production using the aforementioned coil compared to the standard wattage mode at 75 watts. With all that said however, I can see a total beginner using these modes for an easy and still satisfying experience without having to remember all the extra numbers that come along with a traditional wattage mode, so I have to admit the FIT modes are actually quite a clever addition.

Does anyone still use temp control?

With all this talk about the different modes, it’s worth mentioning that the temp control materials (SS, NI, TI) have been grouped into one mode, so when you’re cycling through modes all you have to do is select a material with one click of the fire button, then click the fire button three more times to get back into wattage mode.

A handsome face

You can even just let the material select screen time out after a few seconds, and the device will bring you right back into wattage mode. This is a huge improvement over having to click the fire button three times to get through each individual temp control mode on the original Drag, and nearly moved me to tears.

A well-loved Original Drag on the left, and my new Drag 2 on the right. The difference in the etching is huge

One aspect of the new Drag 2 that I have yet to come to a conclusion on is the battery bay. It’s not much different than the first Drag, but they’re using a different plastic now. The old Drag’s plastic battery bay could crack over time with a bit of abuse, so I’m hoping this new one will hold together a little better in the long run. The battery door has been changed as well, now sitting on the device rather than in it.

The magnet at the top of the door has grown quite a bit for the Drag’s second iteration

The magnets on the top end of the door have been beefed up considerably, and hold on very effectively. The door itself does have a sliver of wiggle room when installed on the device, and the resulting clicking noises that occur when moving the door around can be seen as either good or bad, depending on how much you like to fidget with your vape.

Thankfully the DRAG etched into the battery door is much more subdued on the Drag 2

The new tinted plastic lens over the screen is a nice addition, though it is not without its drawbacks. The fact that it’s tinted means it looks nice, giving the screen a nice depth and some much needed protection. It also means that the screen is dim though.

Clearly the plastic has already saved my screen from some damage

This can be helped by going into the Voopoo software on your computer and maxing out the screen brightness, but even at max brightness, it’s a little on the dim side. It’s nothing that couldn’t be remedied by shading the screen with your hand on a sunny day, but it feels like a bit of an oversight.

The original Drag (left) next to the new Drag 2 (right)

While the hand feel has been vastly improved over the original Drag, the Drag 2 is not without a few sharp edges. There are a few lines on the device which do make it more visually interesting, but they happen to be pretty uncomfortable in the hand.

The sharp edges of the grooves aren’t horrible, but they are noticeable

It’s still miles better than the original drag though, I’d take a few sharp edges here and there over literally having two sharp edges on every edge of the box any day.

I must admit, the finish is pretty impressive

The Uforce T2 vape tank caught me quite by surprise. The overall look and feel are pretty good, but I’m not a huge fan of the gunmetal chrome look, and as a result I frankly didn’t expect much. I decided to try out the N3 triple mesh coil, and was absolutely blown away.

The N3 coil is a notch-style mesh with three separate coils

There are only two or three other setups I’ve had with flavor that can compare, but the N3 coil might seriously be at the top of that list. I’m using Quik Bliss, our strawberry milk flavor, as it’s one of my favorite flavors and I’m very familiar with the taste of it on all kinds of different setups.

One of many Vaporleaf e-juices, a favorite from our premium line

The strawberry comes through unusually bright and sweet on the N3 coil, and the milky cream is balanced perfectly with a mild sweetness that mellows out the bright flavor of the strawberry. This is some seriously next level flavor that has to be experienced to understand it.

The top fill is sturdy and reassuring, with a design that’s built to last

Once I got over my initial disappointment with the look of the Uforce T2, I started to find more and more to like about it. With a simple and effective slide to open top fill that stays closed when you need it to, bubble glass as standard (and straight glass in the box for those that don’t like bubble glass), tons of available airflow and a color matched (to the resin on the Drag 2 mod) drip tip, I’ve become quite a fan of the tank and it’s now on my short list of favorites.

So is the Drag 2 a worthy successor? YES, absolutely! It’s better in nearly every way while remaining true to the original concept of the Drag as a well-designed, simple, yet capable mod with a very agreeable price.

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