The Fapocalypse is Nigh

A large and growing subset of male Millennials have been locked out of the mating market by the feminine hypergamy indoctrinated and enabled by Western elites. The product of this societal trend will be the wholesale implosion of the global economy as the demographic which was among the most aggressive producers and consumers ghosts from the economy entirely in favor of esoteric male-dominated subcultures, increasingly secretive virtual communities, and vapes.

Think of it as Ayn Rand’s infamous “Galt’s Gulch,” only with the young male refugees of a sexual market where women are discouraged from pair bonding well into their thirties and later, where there’s no impetus for them to settle for any but a narrow subset of highly successful men who enjoy the affection of multiple women simultaneously. What Ayn failed to understand is that the male who drops out won’t become wealthy or innovative in the manner which drives societal progress, he’ll become successful within contexts which are alien and incoherent to the feminine normie.

The alt.right is Galt’s Gulch made manifest, only instead of being myopically economic in orientation, it’s more broadly social and political in nature. Men generally only produce wealth when they’re socially conditioned to seek status for mating purposes. Women have always been the primary drivers of resource acquisition, and in their absence the male drive to status competition generally manifests in economy-neutral competitive pursuits.

Divorced from the impetus to acquire a pair bond at all, the male is content to thrive within a virtual mannerbünd of digital “war boys” who troll and shitpost as a sort of post-modern pillaging of the civilized encampments. There’s indeed an economic element, too, and the global economy will be shaken to its foundations when the younger Millennial and pre-Millennial males ghost from the global economy altogether.

The future of Western civilization is incubated exclusively in the hearts and minds of the handful of eccentric women determined to descend into the gulch and brave the fog of misogyny and exaggerated masculinity to acquire a mate and start a family within that toxic yet vibrant sociopolitical context. Eventually, they’ll domesticate and civilize the men, but only after a seismic process of civilizational rebirth in which the derelict and dysfunctional corpse of the prior civilization has been defeated and desecrated by them.

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