Organizing the Resistance: Next Steps If We Are To Be Successful

Cohesion is critical if we are to prevail — Now is the time to decide we want to win

Not a day goes by do I not witness the continued splintering and fracturing of the left. The battle lines continue to draw down the Primary lines: supporters of Hillary or supporters of Bernie.

Let me make one thing perfectly clear: the primary is OVER. Period. Done with. I’m not even going to continue the tired commentary of whether or not the DNC cheated in the primary. Fact of the matter is, that’s water under the bridge now. We MUST move beyond this primary mentality if we are to prevail.

The issue has become much bigger than Bernie Sanders or Hillary Rodham Clinton. The issue has literally become the future of the free west. I know many want to continue the other tired rhetoric point: that the Russia scandal is just a conspiracy to detract from something, but that could not be further from the truth. The fact of the matter is, Russia is engaging a global power game, not just within the United States, but within Europe and Asia as well. Russia has spent the last 20 years licking it’s wounds after the fall of the USSR. It has made it absolutely clear it pines for former glory days where it was an international powerhouse. If we go back and review the opening ceremonies to the Sochi games, we see a love-letter to the former glory of the USSR. It’s that obvious.

I would also encourage all readers to review the Kremlin’s political advisor, Aleksandr Dugin, who has written the playbook for Russia’s future. Once you look into the gameplan written by Dugin for a Eurasian supremacy, do you begin to start to connect the dots.

It is time to end the bickering over the primary and begin to work together. We have traitorous fascists working on developing an authoritarian regeme in the White House, all the while they’re being manipulted and played by Moscow.

The enemy is T, B, and the rest of the Administration. And make no mistake, they are an enemy.

Organizing The Left

Once those of us on the left finally decide to let the primary go, we must organize quickly. Time is absolutely of the essence, and we cannot sit around. It is time for our Maidan.

In general, we will need the following bolstered by leftists if we wish to keep this administration at bay:

  • Journalism: Subscribe in some fashion to a daily paper, or donate to NPR, PBS, or ProPublica.
  • Political Parties: Join and participate in the Democratic Party or Green Party, and take over as many party offices as we can.
  • Political Influence Organizations: Join the Democratic Socialists of America to help organize left political action; PACs like Our Revolution, The Political Revolution PAC, etc. must coordinate and unite.
  • Labor: We must invigorate labor. Join the IWW, push for unionization of your place of employment.

In addition to bolstering these groups with people willing to become activists, we will also need several sub groups along side these organizations:

  • Intelligence: Loose organizations engaging in civilian espionage of law enforcement, etc. to ensure we stay a step ahead of any attempts to crack down on resistance or protest.
  • Legal Defense: An army of lawyers and legal professionals standing at the ready.
  • Defensively-armed protesters: Protesters with protective helmets, face shields, and other protective devices to engage against fascist police forces at protests, armed with only defensive items (protective gear, batons/sticks).
  • Offensive Forces: leftists in the US should arm themselves now, and not wait until it is too late.

We are seeing unprecedented actions taken by an administration including blatantly manufacturing information. We’re 30 days into the worst administration in US history, and one quickly working to establish itself as an authoritarian body through it’s hostility of the media, it’s manufacturing of outright lies, it’s propaganda, continued ‘campaign’ style rallies, scandals of foreign influence and power plays, and continuing attempts to poision the well of civil discourse.

Make no mistake, my friends, fascism has arrived in the United States. It may not have come carrying a cross, but it did come wrapping itself in the flag and claiming to be bringing liberty. As expected, Conservatives ran right to the fascists with open arms.

We must not allow ourselves to be fractured, we must not allow ourselves to take our focus off the enemy: the traitors in the White House and their faithful followers.

We are at war. It may be at this moment an information war, a war of words, but we are at war none the less.

We must organize and unite.

A Note To Hacktivists

It is your time to shine. The Alt-Right, their supporters, their outlets, and propagandists need to be taken down, for good. From MY, BrBt, AJ and his IWs. It’s time to take them down. It is my hope teams of hactivists heed the call to arms and begin waging a campaign to take down these traitors once and for all.

All hands on deck, ladies and gentlemen.

In Liberty,


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