One of the common problems most developers encounter with when writing Single Page Application is creating and loading lazyLoad modules in response to a certain action taken by a user or clicking on URL (in most cases) that would load a set of dependencies such as JavaScript, CSS, HTML etc. In the realities of modern Front-End development that would be a huge JavaScript file. Well, in this article I would like to share my experience and show you how to realize lazyLoad modules on AngularJS and decrease the start time when you first run an application.

Why AngularJS 1.x

You may wonder “Why…


In spite of what we do and how fast we enter the commands, the reality is, we still can’t beat the performance of computers. From the other hand, if we keep repeating the same action multiple times, we can easily give computers a hard time, can’t we? You could write a bash script (your favorite programming language) and instead of entering the same commands, wasting your time and energy, run the script and have some time for yourself, sit back in a seat, think of the eternity, universe, or anything else that comes up on your mind.

In the previous…


A tool is convenient to use only if it helps solve a certain task. It’s also important that the tool is adjustable to particular user’s needs. An ability to expand it functionality would be an added bonus.

Finally, we’ve got on to one of the most interesting and fascinating topics — bash-scripting. Every time you launch a terminal, it automatically starts to run a shell command interpreter which understands and processes commands you’ve typed on a keyboard. A shell also signals errors and watches out for compliance of the commands with their syntax. …


I’d used screen for quite a long time before I knew it was not enough for me anymore and I started to look for alternatives. Around the same time I found tmux, a software application described by many users as a screen based on steroids. I couldn’t understand this strange comparison until I tried the app for myself. Honestly speaking it didn’t happen instantly that I started to work with tmux only. After three-four attempts I still got back to using screen. Eventually, though, tmux has won.

The important note: I’d like to make a point that a reader is…


Hi everyone! This is a text version on my speech given at WSD on the 26th of November in Kiev. The idea of writing this post was to share some key aspects with a wider audience, provide more details on the important points that have been discussed at the conference, give some illustrated examples and hear your arguments and opinion back.

The Escape Plan

  1. Console manager. Part One.
  2. Console manager. Part Two.
  3. Bash-scripting
  4. Routine Tasks Automation

The important note: a reader is expected to be a confident *nix OS user. Further in my examples, I will refer to many different utilities such as…

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