Data Modeling ( Hasura Internship 2017 )

This week’s first task was Data Modeling . I was looking forward to it as I was also working on a DBMS related project simultaneously.

In Data Modeling , the developer is supposed to create the data schema of his project . All the tables along with their attributes and relations were created .There are a couple of good online tools you can use to create them . I used the PonyORM Entity Relationship Diagram Editor, which let me create the tables and define their attributes and relations easily using a graphical interface.

For my application , I needed two tables . One for the user information , one for the various alarms . Initially I had planned on keeping a question answer table as well , but later decided to use a java list to keep track of the questions and their answers . I had some issues with the relational part as I wasn’t very clear about how they worked . I read it up online and ended up creating the model (The trick is to insert the relational elements at the end and initially create all tables keeping only their specific attributes in mind ). I kept the attributes very simple and their titles should give away their use.

Data Model for Application

Please have a look at these blog-posts for further clarity.

Next up Hasura Data API + Postman collection !