UI/UX Case Study of E-commerce shipping

When a customer buys things from ezbuy, one of the things he/she loves about ezbuy is that they can choose to collect their items from a point nearest to their homes after work, so they don’t have to wait at home all day to receive their orders. We have 300+ collection points (Neighbourhood Collection, MRT station and warehouses) over the islands, and each point has its whole scheduling for collection.

When customers use our app, it is not very straight forward for new customers to choose the most convenient collection point. Customers choose the points mostly by location, delivery timing and weight limit (moreover, for parcels weighing over 8kgs, we don’t deliver to MRT stations).



I am aiming at surveying the frequent pick up users.


Age: 25
Occupation: Sales Person
Location: Singapore

Job Story:

Moses is a busy man who is a sales person by profession. He is a music lover, He recently broke his headphone. That brought him to ezbuy, where he ordered a new pair of headphones. He is mostly unavailable at home/office, owing to the nature of his job. So, here we are going to see how he receives the parcel at his convenience.

Design Solution

  1. There should be a PICK UP Parcel option in the app, so he can pick the parcel from a convenient location & at a convenient time.
  1. His availability at a particular location may or may not be certain because of the nature of his work, so he should be able to decide an ideal Pick Up location.
  2. The chosen location can be the “Current Location” or a user entered location.
  3. I am maintaining the location history for convenience.
  1. ezbuy has three types of pickup stations based on the parcel weight. But I am not exposing it to the user, because he won’t be aware of it and may not be as interested in learning about it. However, we know the weight of the item. So the app should be able to select the station type intelligently and list down the possible Pick Up points.
  2. Thus the user needs to only decide the PICK UP time.
After all he should tap “Find Pick up Point” button to select the pick up point. 
The App itself can intelligently select the pickup location based on the distance from the selected the location. But why am I leaving this choice with the user?
User won’t have any idea of how this pickup point is being selected for him, neither would he be aware of the algorithm that is being used here. Though, we are only helping him by choosing the nearest Pick Up Point from his location.
However, he (the user)can move in a different direction from the app-chosen location.
Thus, it is best to get the choice from user himself.
  1. I designed the “Finding” screen playfully (will form ripples), so user doesn’t feel the pain of waiting.
  2. Station Listing will get automatically listed in the ascending order of the locations’ proximity to the user.
  3. Tapping on the desired location, from the generated listing selects the Pick Up Point.
  4. If there is no station available at the chosen time, the user can change the time.
  1. I am showing the Pick Up Location in summary page. The user can get directions from summary page.


With the user having the option to choose a feasible pick up point at his convenient time, this solution resolves the problem of the user having to travel all the way to some common point, just to collect a parcel. Nor does he have to wait for hours, stalling all of his other routine work!

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