This Is How Capitalism Actually Works
Joe Brewer

I don’t think you understand what capitalism really means. Fundamentally, capitalism is based on individual rights. It is based on the recognition of the fact that rational choice is at the root of human flourishing. Fundamentally, flourishing requires the individual’s freedom to choose and exercise values. Put simply, capitalism is a system where every human being is free to act on his own judgement — and fully responsible to face the consequences.

If human flourishing is our standard of value, we must defend capitalism to the fullest extent, because it is the only system which recognizes that freedom is at the root of flourishing.

The Enclosure Movement was not coercive as you painted it to be. Farmers voluntarily sold land to businesses, and chose to take jobs at factories to make their lives more productive. They were not held at gunpoint. They were offered an alternative to their current way of life, and took it by choice. This is the nature of capitalism: every man is free to choose his own course of action.

I’m open to input, so if you have any confusions/disagreements with me, please respond.

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