My first online course- Social Enterprise

The future learning course about the social enterprise was my first online course which provides me a different experience during the course. It offers a new way of learning as it includes storytelling, visible leaning, community interaction through comments and review. The advantage of the course was that not having long classroom boring lecture but doing learning through articles, videos and allowed in community support learning by share what you have learned during the course which help in understanding the different people experience and getting more knowledge through them. The course social enterprise was structured in a systematic way, as it was divided into the three topics step by step which contain of 3 weak and was interlinked in a proper way.

The first topic of the course helps me to know the clear meaning of the social enterprise, knowing how social enterprise work and what are the advantage. IT contains various videos of the social entrepreneur in which they describe about their ideas and how they operate the social enterprise which helps us to gain the practical knowledge and their experience about the social enterprise. It also helps us in creating are own idea of the social enterprise.

Any plan is always incomplete without the action, as the second topic help to know how to change your plan into the action with various interviews and with the help of the assignment in which we have to explain our social plan.

The last topic help in measuring the impact of your plan on the society and what measure you have to take in improving. In this we have gone to various case studies of the different people ideas of the social enterprise and reviewing them which helps in gaining more clear and proper image of the social enterprise.

This experience will motivate me to do more online course in the future and also all the learning form the course will help me in real life in various way.