Best Ayurveda Treatment for Skin Diseases in Hyderabad

In the months of July, and August, India experiences rain fall, it is known as the “varsha ritu” or the rainy season. In accordance with the scriptures of Ayurveda, this is the time period where people experience pitta aggravation. A lot of heat gets accumulated in the body in the “greesham ritu” or the summer season, which is aggravated in the rainy season or “varsha ritu”. There are numerous kinds of skin diseases that are prevalent in the rainy season or “varsha ritu.” The best Ayurvedic treatment for Skin diseases in Hyderabad is provided by Vardhan Ayurveda.

Actually, in India, this is the time when a person can see big queues at the skin clinics. A simple and Practical knowledge of Ayurveda can help us prevent and even treat painful skin disorders.

Ayurvedic Treatments for various Skin Diseases

According to the science of Ayurveda, the skin of a human being has six layers, located superficially, and also extending to the deeper levels of the body. Usually a skin disease is deeply rooted into various dhatus or tissues like muscles, fat, blood and so on. Most of the skin treatments are usually through external application of creams or oils. These treatments, however, don’t reach the deeper layers of the human skin. So, the symptoms would disappear for a temporary period of time, and the disease isn’t cured permanently. Ayurveda science always tries cure the disease by treating it in a specific way, according to the cause of the skin disease. As the disease is deep seated, it is very difficult to fix the problem quickly, so that it may not come again. Ayurvedic skin treatments might take a few weeks to remove the symptoms but the skin diseases are treated forever.

Causes of skin Diseases

The two major reasons of diseases in Ayurveda science are a incorrect diet and improper lifestyle, which the patient follows, either knowingly or unknowingly. The reason can be following a particular diet or life style which is against the season or the nature (prakriti) of a person creates an imbalance in the patients bodily energies, and thus contaminates the body tissues and results in a skin disease.

We at Vardhan Ayurveda provide exceedingly proficient doctors who can provide you the Best Ayurvedic treatment in Hyderabad. We have deep knowledge in Ayurvedic science and hence are able to cure skin diseases from the root, so that they do not re-occur again. We believe that healing is a divine action and we take pride that most of our patients are satisfied with the cure we present to them.