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Co-founder at, trying to revolutionize the way people commute to their work in Bangalore.

Receiving Pebble in India

My journey in the corridors of dark Indian Govt. Offices

Disclaimer: For all legal purpose, this post is fictional.

Excited about building stuff? Love Bangalore?

Let me give you a problem worthy of your time and I promise you will love it.


Nobody wants to build sub par products. But most of us end up building them anyway. In last few years, working on Ridingo, I identified few…

Google Sheet+DSLR: How to extract maximum happiness from holidays?

I am an amatuer vacationer and I wanted to share few things which made a difference in my experience derived from…

Why our generation needs Google Inbox?

I just managed to get my hands on Google’s new email client, if we call it that, “Inbox”. No I do not have invites yet :-)

The inspiring case of Savjibhai Dholakia

Surat diamond merchant’s massive Diwali bonus for employees: 200 Flats, 500 Cars and 500 Jewelery Sets

Stop dumbing down:

Buy a Kindle

My review for Kindle Reader

A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies... The man who never reads lives…

Yahoo Acquires Bookpad: What it takes

I am Vardhan, cofounder of Ridingo, a ride sharing startup from Bangalore termed by Forbes as one of the Hottest Global Startup. We worked out of…

Why we at Ridingo love being a part of GSF Accelerator

And why you should consider applying too

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India’s most important Startup

Why Aam Admi Party should get your support

Dear Reader,

How I am using my Pebble

And I am not doing any geeky stuff…yet

I recently wrote how I sold my soul in order to obtain Pebble here in India. It’s been a month since…