Traffic and Pollution in India. Source: Flickr

Excited about building stuff? Love Bangalore?

Let me give you a problem worthy of your time and I promise you will love it.

I am Vardhan, co-founder of Ridingo, which was recently acquired by Carzonrent. It’s been an adventurous ride during last 2 years since we started working on Ridingo in order to solve one of the most pressing urban problem of our time, that of transport inefficiency.

A rough calculation by Quartz shows that Bangalore traffic alone costs more than $6 Billion annually to IT and ITES industry. Multiply that for all major cities and all human intensive industries to get the seriousness of the problem.

While Government is working on better public transport and infrastructure, we believe we can ease this pain to a large extent by optimizing the current resources available with us.

If you are not thinking about solving a pressing problem like this, probably you should read more on this awesome guy: Elon Musk

How can you help?
Simple: JOIN US!!

We are setting up Carzonrent Labs in a cool new office in Bangalore and inviting all developers who are looking to work on real problems using cutting edge technologies. Where the impact of their work will be not only be very visible, but will also provide the satisfaction of contributing to a better city.

We are aiming to set up a culture where all peripheral things will take a back seat and the only focus would be building world class products.

Things like salaries, office working hours and timings, workstations, leaves, perks etc. that can affect the productivity of a developer, will be taken care of under the most friendly and meaningful work environment so that everyone can freely concentrate on just one thing: building great products passionately.

Powerful Workstations?

That sounds interesting. What next?

Visit and apply for any applicable position or write to for any related discussion.

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