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My review for Kindle Reader

A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies... The man who never reads lives only one.
George R.R. Martin, A Dance with Dragons

I used to be an avid reader until few years ago. Then high speed internet happened which lead to all the sitcoms and series. Chromecast and Popcorn Time didn't help either. Watching TVF videos, Masterchef and John Oliver’s top class, humor filled journalism, which was designed for lazy people like me, became a daily time killer.

My bookshelf stopped growing and pages of my unread books started turning yellow and brittle.

My Kindle Paperwhite

But one day Goddess Saraswati smiled at me benevolently and I got a new Kindle Paperwhite as gift from a dear friend.

I have already completed 2 books (700+ pages) in last 8 days without compromising anything important.

With results in my hand, I now wish to share my learning and excitement about owning a Kindle reader below:


  1. If you love reading books.
  2. If you think you would love reading books, but have been unable to find time to complete a book lately. But you have an active Pocket account and read a lot online.
  3. If you have not completed more than 20 books in past, then first try reading an actual book before buying Kindle.


  1. Because its more convenient than carrying a book, plus obviously better if you wish to carry multiple books.
  2. You read more because of instant availability of books online. Goodreads integration makes reading social and friends’ reading activity has a motivating effect.
  3. It gives you an awesome reading experience, thanks to features like Dictionary and Wikipedia. Then there is X-Ray feature, which lets you easily recall information on characters, locations etc. within the book. Very helpful for broken reading sessions and bulky fiction.
  4. It makes learning easy, thanks to vocabulary and quotes depository which gets created automatically when you look up a word on dictionary or highlight a quote in the book.
  5. Cheaper books in most cases.
  6. The amazingly soothing screen is far ahead of reading on a tablet or mobile, thanks to Paperwhite and E-Ink technology.

Some tricks made possible because of Kindle

  1. Mix learning with fun. You can carry unlimited books. I bought Zero to One (on Entrepreneurship) and Gone Girl (pulp fiction) and finished them together. It helps in absorption of knowledge easier and deeper.
  2. Read faster by reducing the width of text on Kindle.
  3. Reinforce learning of new words by using Flashcards feature in Kindle vocabulary builder tool.

Which one to buy?

Paperwhite WiFi+3G > Paperwhite WiFi> All New Kindle.

Old Image. Please see the latest features and prices on Amazon.
  • 3G will help you look up Wikipedia while travelling, plus if you are that impulsive, you can buy a book on the go as well. 3G is free across most of the world.
  • Paperwhite is an amazing experience when reading in dark. No glare and very comfortable light levels.
  • All new Kindle is very good, except you will need a light source when its dark, which is what you are used to if you read books.

Kindle is cheaper in US if you buy the ones with Advertising lockscreen. If none of your friends are coming back from “on-site” :-), there is an offer in India for Paperwhite WiFi right now. You can buy it here at Rs 8999.

Lastly, not so good part

  1. You cannot lend books (mostly).
  2. Some people like to feel and smell pages. So do I. But the convenience won over preference.
  3. As with any other gadget, your habits will win over excitement over a period. If you do not like reading, no Kindle can make you love reading.

Hope it helped. Let me know your thoughts and favourite Kindle books in comments.

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