3 real life inspiring stories that will change how you think about Horoscope Matching is important before marriage?

Here Iam sharing my personal experience with my friends and some of them are really interesting to know about it.

Horoscope matching has been broken many hearts and many untold love stories. And we all know, we have seen it so many times somewhere, somehow .
When two heart connect with each other and take their Vows to another level , then they face next level of difficulty ‘casteism’ and if somehow they come out from that fortunately, then another hurdle Horoscope match, Hufff looks like devil of your life if doesn’t match.
For those who really wants to live together. but then their parents believe in Horoscope Match. specially in Hindus Family it really matters.
I am not saying its Bad, yes its a kind of ritual and people follow it but do you think so happiness should be dependent on some awkward positions of stars?…do you think so happiness rely on Horoscope?….Nah if it does effect in that case people even don’t like each other from first phase, they don’t fall in love with each other or they don’t even think to marry each other.

My questions is that, those who don’t believe in Horoscope are really sufferers? here are some short stories based on real life experiences. i am telling you my experiences & views, these are my opinion and i don’t want to hurt anyone’s believe or faith. it’s just Views.


One of my best friend Hitesh, who was eagerly waiting to get married because most of his friends become father even, so his family searched a beautiful bride Arshi. They both were good match. Intelligent and very kind hearted. and then their family matched the Horoscope and the score was 28 out of 36, which is pretty good match. but then within a year they were separated. Shocked? When match was so excellent then why it happened? 
Their compatibility doesn’t match. Hitesh likes to fun and Arshi was very career oriented girl and then things went wrong between them. love can not be developed because of the position of stars, it happens eventually.


Let’s run through another story, Ashish and Kavya madly in love with each other. they liked each other since their college time. Kavya’s family wasn’t very open and believe in castism but some how she managed to convince their parents to meet Ashish and his family. 
Her parents asked first to match the Horoscope, their score was very low. her all efforts has been vanished because her family was turned out against her decision to marry Ashish. But her decision was so firm and she believe in their love over then position of planet. she constantly struggled for almost 3 years, after 3 years of struggle, her family finally was ready to meet Ashish parents once again. And after meeting Ashish’s family , their perspective has been changed after believing the fact that Ashish’s family is well cultured and really like Kavya and what else parents wants more then that , her daughter will live happily after. 
This time when her family matched their horoscope the result was surprising, their match was preferable for marriage. So what do you think how it has been changed suddenly? Its all bout Karma and strength of your love, passion about your love and everything fall in place.

And now they both and their families are busy in their wedding preparations.


Ekta and Sumit known each other since childhood, their family also known to each other. Sumit used to like Ekta since very long time but hesitate to express his feelings to her. and one day he told Ekta that he is in love with her. in starting Ekta was not in love with Sumit, but eventually she realized Sumit is very decent guy and she started falling for him. they know their family known to each other so it won’t created much problem for marriage, so they express their feeling to their respective family. Sumit’s family was happy and so do Ekta’s. but when they showed their horoscope to expert (Pandit). he told Ekta’s family that she is MANGLIK a very common word. and its not preferable to marry Sumit. and then their all dreams were broken. but Ekta was so positive about their relationship and she convinced her family. Sumit’s family was already ready. and finally they got married and they are living happily. They chooses love over everything, some time planet can not be in your favor but your love, understanding for each other can compel them to be in your favor.
What there stories are telling one thing what will last forever is Love, Passion, understanding, trust for each other and take stand for each other the most important thing, support each other in all odd situations, if really wants to be each other, nothing will be able to separate.

So yes they sounds so dramatic and filmy love stories but i would like to summaries , it doesn’t matter weather planets are in your favor, more important your affection, understanding and compatibility with each other matters. in above two stories if anyone of them lost their hope, they wouldn’t be successful. but they trust each other and love each other in all the odds scenario. Share if you have same stores or experience somewhere with you.

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