“Frankie Fear”

When we think boxing movies that are tough as nails, we think, “Rocky.” These series of movies that follow an more than average fighter from the streets of Philadelphia pursuaed every athlete to go out and buy each individual soundtrack. I know that I did. “Frankie Fear,” was a story told to Tommy Gunn is Rocky V. Rocky explains to the young fighter that it’s “Frankie” that keeps you in the fight. It somewhat ties into an ancient philosophy by, General Sun Tzu. He explains throughout the night situations he has prepared, there will come a time where you will have to fight or die. I believe that this standard, though not literally in all situations, applies heavily in life. In a capitalistic economy, the strong pray on the weak for profits and labor. So in the end we all have to take “Frankie” and use him to survive.

I am not the best writer!

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