Its a motion that has emerged the last days in Southamerica, after a girl was founded dead in Argentina, she also was drugged and raped, but Im not writing this to tell about the details of this frightening event, you can look for it on Google.

The violence to women has become the week’s topic nowadays, because it is not something to taken lightly, a lot of pics and stories have been shared, a lot of demos have been organized, to combat the abuse that thousand of women suffer.

Argentina, Chile, Mexico, Brasil, Peru have already joined to this motion, but I think that its necessary that countries like U.S.A, from Europe, Australia, Canada between others know about this, and participate, supporting our cause. Because anytime there is a catastrophe in your countries, Im witness that all of us (southamericans) read about it, change ours profile pictures, empathize with your feeling, there a huge global support to you, now its your turn.

Please its just a click to be informed, its just a click share the picture of our motion, you can look for it under the hashtag #niunamenos that means “nor one woman less” . Its just a click to support us. Think the next time can be you and we will be ther for you, so get involved, pass to your family, friends and community, this motion can be your cause too.