We Need To Defend Net Neutrality Now

The book burnings by the Nazis at the Nuremburg rallies has always struck me as one of the one of the most catastrophic moments in history. The censorship of ideas done with frenzied public glee must have been heart breaking for many in the crowds.

The internet has taken over as the preferred method of expressing ideas and a platform of free speech. “So” we might think “free speech is safe, you can’t burn the internet”

We would be wrong.

The F.C.C. has begun the process of destroying net neutrality. The misleadingly named Restoring Internet Freedom act (how Orwellian) if passed will allow I.S.P.’s to reclassify the internet into a non-basic service. At the moment internet access is like water or electricity. You pay for access to the resource not how you use it. In other words watering a house plant doesn’t cost more than drinking a glass of water. What the F.C.C. and the powerful corporate I.S.P.’s want to do is to chop up the internet and charge you for access to them rather than pay a base fee to access the collective whole.

This is anti-free market (funny how the corporate elite only like this idea when it suits them), monopolistic and will give the I.S.P.s powers to censor free speech ranging from simply strangling the parts of the net that have certain ideas to placing many into “slow lanes” (because they can’t afford to pay for fast access). Creating a kind of economic censorship where many won’t have the means to express themselves or hear other people’s ideas.

If this wasn’t bad enough the F.C.C. has engaged in some very shady activity in reaction to criticism. Including using spam bots with fake names to post the exact same pro destroy internet freedom message thousands of times (never underestimate the elite’s ability to underestimate our intelligence) to blocking critics on their own comments site.

We need to act on this and we need to act now. This affects everybody regardless of gender, race sexuality or political views. Just the simple acts of raising awareness and public protest could be enough to halt this in its tracks before it’s too late. Don’t be that silent individual in the crowd despairing as free speech burns.

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