How Doctors Treat The Onset Of Blue and Painful Veins In The Legs And Feet

It is estimated that nearly 45 percent of the population is suffering from the presence of varicose veins at any given time. While the causes of the condition vary and are dependent on a lot of different life factors, effective varicose veins treatments can help alleviate the side effects associated with them and provide a person with relief from their visual appearance the pain that often accompanies them. The following are the most effective treatment modalities and what a patient can expect with each one. Many minimally invasive techniques can be used to get rid of them once and for all.

Ambulatory Phlebectomy

A phlebectomy is the most common form of removal and has one of the highest success rates in preventing the vein from coming back in the future. A physician will make a small incision at the top of the affected vein and then remove it from the leg. This method provides the quickest results but does require a longer period of recovery to prevent damage and allow the incision site to heal properly.

Medical Sealant

One of the latest varicose veins treatments to hit the market is the use of a medical grade sealant that will cause the vein to collapse on itself. The doctor will inject a small amount of the glue into the vein, which will cause the walls of the vein to stick to themselves. The vein will then be absorbed by the body over several weeks and will alleviate the pain and visual embarrassment associated with varicose veins promptly.

Radio Frequency Ablation

The use of high radio frequencies is one of the least invasive ways to get rid of varicose veins. A technician will numb the areas where the veins are present using a local anesthetic and then send an active radio frequency through the vein, which will cause it to collapse instantly. This procedure can typically be completed in under 15 minutes and will provide instant relief from pain and cause the vein to disappear in as little as four weeks.

Endovenous Laser Ablation

The use of lasers in the medical field has made for easy treatment of a wide array of medical conditions, including varicose veins. A doctor will make a small incision at the top of the vein and then insert a catheter into the vein. They will then use a small laser to blast the walls of the vein, which will cause it to collapse and provide instant relief for those who suffer from this painful condition.

The vast array of varicose veins treatments make it possible for anyone to get relief. Talk to a physician and learn more about the benefits of having them removed, and ask about the various treatment methods available. Anyone can get relief in a matter of minutes, and get back to living a full and rewarding life.