It was still America

The movie theater was moderately crowded. I expected a larger crowd, but then again it was a Saturday afternoon show. 2:50 pm; an ideal time to sleep. Indians tend to like to sleep on Saturday afternoons. The moderate crowd seemed to thoroughly enjoy the movie. Usha Nadkarni’s performance in the courtroom evoked guffaws as expected. So did some of Sachin Khedekar and Anang Desai’s scenes. It was typical Hindi movie of two and a half hours. As the movie ended, the crowd slowly dispersed. First out the theater screen playing the movie and then the multiplex, out into the shopping mall housing the theater. Indians — young and old, seemingly content. I was content too; an enjoyable movie amidst familiar people. It was not until I stepped back into the shopping mall that it hit me. It was still America and not India. It was still America.