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Morris Co., Ltd. changes name to VARIVAS

Manufacturer of VARIVAS brand fishing line, Morris Co., Ltd., officially changed its company name to VARIVAS Co. Ltd. on September 1, 2021.

The name change comes on the heels of the 40-year anniversary of the company and its VARIVAS brand fishing line. …

VIDEO Spotlight on Master Fishing Rod Builder, Toshio Adachi

Comprised of a skilled team of fishing rod craftsmen led by master rod builder Toshio Adachi, VARIVAS’s Morris Graphite Works produces state-of-the-art, high-end, handcrafted, limited edition and custom fishing rods.

In this English captioned video, VARIVAS spotlights master fishing rod builder, Toshio Adachi and the philosophy behind the handcrafted rods…

Introducing VARIVAS AREA Super Trout - INFINITY PE X8

When the fish are plentiful, but just not biting, or perhaps heavily pressured and skittish, it’s time to reach for your rod spooled with AREA Super Trout — INFINITY PE X8 braid line — VARIVAS’s thinnest 8-braid, designed for ultra-finesse fishing.
In this English captioned video VARIVAS Pro angler, Sachio Matsumoto…

Fishing Crazy: In Pursuit of the Smallest Catch

Since starting direct-to-customer sales of VARIVAS line here in the United States, the topic of “Finesse Fishing” comes up frequently in conversations between our U.S. office staff and HQ staff across the ocean in Japan.
I suppose so-called finesse fishing in America is not quite “finesse-enough” compare to the Japanese standard…

New York State Championship 2020

September 27, 2020
2020 NY Kayak Bass Fishing State Champ!

Brandon Brylinsky, VARIVAS America field tester, here.
What a roller coaster these past 4 days (Sept 24–27, 2020) have been! Can’t believe I came out with the win!
What follows is my blow by blow. The TLDR (long-story, short) version is that I…

VARIVAS rocks, literaly...

The rock music band “SHANK” made an exciting music video with collaboration with VARIVAS.
YouTube video:
VARIVAS’s premium fishing line, GANOA Absolute, is showcased in the music video.
About the band “SHANK”
The band formed in 2004, a Power-trio band from the city of Nagasaki. The trio has appeared in various festivals and…

Catching giant Pike in Poland

Anglers around the globe — in over 50 counties — appreciate VARIVAS’s high performance line.

Check out the size of the big Pike caught by VARIVAS anglers in Poland!

Strength, performance, and functionality are the top qualities of the VARIVAS line. Globally recognized, VARIVAS has put ‘Anglers First’ for over 40 years providing fishing products and gear designed to that meet the needs and passions of anglers around the world.

Photos credit: VARIVAS Polska (Poland) Facebook page

Enjoying the thrill of Smallmouth Bass fishing with a fish finder

Enjoying the thrill of Smallmouth Bass fishing with a fish finder.
Hi everyone, this is Isono, VARIVAS Field Tester, sending you a fishing report from Lake Nojiri, Nagano Prefecture, which I visited at the end of July.
In late July, the bass is everywhere from shallow to deep in Lake Nojiri. In…

Joban Offshore Flounder Jigging

Hi everyone, this is Field Tester Yokoshima.
A popular target for the summer saltwater game in Japan is Mahi Mahi and Tuna in casting games, but in my case, it’s a bit different.
The field I go to most of this time is the waters off Fukushima Prefecture.
Although the area suffered enormous…

92LB Yellowfin Casting Explosion in Sagami Bay!

VARIVAS Field Reporter: Tatsuya Kazuno

Japan’s Sagami Bay is such a competitive battleground every year.
Yellowfin Tuna are nervous and quickly dive deep because of boats roaming on the surface. This poses limited casting opportunities for anglers. Being able to cast further than others is an advantage!
That’s when I recommend VARIVAS Avani…


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