We’re in the midst of a pandemic, that kills many, but I’m supposed to be attending college and working at the best possible capacity.
It’s a pandemic where we are exhausted, but I’m supposed to put on a smile and meet my friends, when I’ve just heard of someone passing away.
It’s a pandemic where I’m silently waiting for my turn , or waiting for someone i love to get infected, but what makes most sense, is that I find internships to paste on my resume, cause God forbid after a devasting pandemic, drastic climate change, individual loss, depersonalised self…

My grandfather passed away, and when he did leave, an empty void filled up my heart, all I could feel was emptiness, and then slowly, but steadily I started feeling, initially the feeling was so painful that I preferred being numb to the constant stabbing pain of coming to reality with his death. Few days pass, and the stabbing pain is replaced with a soothing balm, the balm came in form of memories, memories he gave me, from age 1 to 22, and these memories were not the big occasions of life that makes you overwhelmed, the one that are…

I’m angry.

I’m angry at myself for losing my control even when I know that it’s perfectly normal to.

I’m angry at others for not understanding that their validation allows me to move ahead, which is also why I’m angry at myself, because I shouldn’t need validation.

It is so easy to say that you dont have to validated by others, in reality it’s tough not to be validated. It immediately makes me question my worth. I wish people understood this rather than judged me for this. I know I’m not the kind of writer capable of drawing people, I’m…


The common understanding that studying psychology makes you immune to feeling negative or saying some negative is unjust and stops us from getting in touch with our emotions. So I write this to let you know that feeling this is absolutely alright and natural. You chose your profession because you loved and that you are allowed to feel any emotion you are going through.
I feel empty. That very source of energy that I had within me has been drained out, I no longer understand myself, and I no longer know myself…

The Whole is Greater than the Sum of its Parts

The whole is greater than the sum of its part
This is the guiding principal of Gestalt Psychology . In theory, it means that individual features of an object aren’t as meaningful as when we see the object as a whole... This brought me to the question " Is there any way I can apply that to my life? "
Yes, I can. Simply put, my individual past experiences do not define me. I am greater than my individual experiences. My whole is greater than the sum of my parts.

What would you do if it’s your last night?

This week’s Game of Thrones was emotional ,to say the least. All our favorite characters re-united, some reunions gave us some serious feels. Among all that, one recurring theme that occurs is “what do you do if it’s your last night?’.

Watching Tyrion, Tormund, Brienne, Jaime, Davos, Podrick huddled around the fire, celebrating their last night together and singing Jenny’s song, gave me an insight.

Truly, what would I do if it was my last night? I have been asked this question before and all those times I have given answers…

Guilt is one of the most powerful emotions that we experience. It is a state of negative being. Guilt ties up to a sense of obligation. When we say we feel guilty, what we are actually saying is “I want to be free from this sense of obligation”. It is an internal state, guilt comes from within us. As individuals, we feel guilty because we have a sense of responsibility towards mankind, and when we don’t fulfill it, a sense of guilt creeps in. We beat ourselves over it. We consider ourselves not good enough. …



When I was a child, there was an option of occupation for mother in my school. Every year, without fail, there would be one single word written “housewife”. Which ask for a vital question,” If being a housewife is considered an occupation, then why is it looked down upon?’

To simplify the process of being a housewife, let’s look at the average day of a housewife. In one brilliant example that comes to me, is that of the mother in Tare Zameen Par. Every morning is a rush for her. She wakes up at 5 am, makes…


Fair and Lovely. The ultimate guide to getting a job, because obviously abilities don’t count. I grew up around toxic standards of beauty, by that I mainly refer to being fair, having a smooth and soft skin. Even when you come from any part of the globe, it is foolish to pretend not to be aware of such a beauty standard. I believe in India, even when “brown “skin is considered the ideal skin color, we uphold fairness as the ultimate beauty.

Skin discrimination does not see gender. One…


When you’re in love with someone, they say that the world suddenly becomes full of colors, music plays in the background and everything feels good. Those who find someone to love them, good for you. For those, who have been hurt, would have a completely distorted opinion of what love is. Philosophers spent ages trying to define love. Love can’t be defined. It is too vast and free to be made into a definition. As with all things, love needs to be moderated

The ugly part of love that everyone talks and yet no one understands…

Varnaya Sanghvi

I speak and write about things I'm passionate about. Because speaking on TED talk is too much , I pen down my thoughts! 💗💗

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