As weird as it may sound, your body is constantly talking to you. And the way it tries to communicate things to you is something you might be taking for granted. We do not believe things unless someone from outside tells us to. But ignoring vital signals and health symptoms our body tries to convey, can be fatal in some conditions. In many cases, doctors are unable to provide a person, complete help only because they have come too late.

While it is true that we can treat some minor and temporary issues ourselves, there are certain symptoms that may need immediate medical attention. Here are a few of such signs that you should attend to in the future:

  1. Sudden weight loss

Sometimes, it is really surprising to see people gushing over their sudden weight loss. To all these people out there — No! This is not your body’s way of helping to loose fat! It might actually be an indicator of a serious health issue. Rapid weight loss over an exceptionally short period of time is not healthy. Several kinds of cancer have been linked to this system (colon cancer). Most of the times, it is a result of some other underlying medical condition. However, short term illnesses like a viral fever, stomach infection etc. could also cause a little weight loss because the person is likely to experience loss of appetite while suffering from these. Apart from that other causes of sudden weight loss could be depression, hyperthyroidism (overactive thyroid gland), abdominal infection, gastroenteritis, dementia, celiac disease, and HIV or AIDS. This could ultimately lead to malnutrition.

2. Chest pain

Chest pain could be an indicator of a blood clot, high blood pressure and sometimes even a heart attack. If someone has been having chest pains quite frequently then it’s time to make an appointment with your doctor as soon as possible. Sometimes it could also be a result of bloating, overeating but if it has happened a couple of times accompanied by sweating and restlessness then you need medical attention.

3. Persistent fever

A fever is your body’s way of telling you that it is fighting against some kind of a pathogen. So usually we just have a PCM and wait for the fever to go away. Most of the times, it will. However, it won’t if something more serious is going on inside the body. Possibilities include meningitis, a urinary tract infection, or even some forms of cancer like lymphoma or leukemia. Mostly, persistent fever also indicates a weak immune system.

4. Sudden appearance of facial hair in women

I have seen so many women ignore this symptom like it could mean nothing! Instead of seeing a doctor most women head to the parlor to get the facial hair removed or bleached. Nothing wrong with these but if the growth is sudden then you need to see your Gynecologist as this condition could be hinting towards hormonal imbalance or thyroid dysfunction.

5. Severe headaches

It is fairly easy to tell if your headache is severe or not. It could be stress related and sometimes health related. Terrible headaches could be a sign of an aneurysm or even a burst blood vessel. There are also other possibilities such as meningitis or shingles.