Here are some steps that me and my team try to follow when we are designing DynamoDB tables. This list is based on our knowledge of using DDB for the past year and half and also from reading great articles on the internet, some of which are listed here.


  • Start by listing down the use cases we are trying to solve and convert them to DB queries required
  • As opposed to SQL where we define one table per entity, in DDB/NoSQL the idea is to have single table for all related entities. Hence we start with trying to reuse any…

@DynamoDBTypeConverted annotation is used to transform data before writing and after reading from DynamoDB.

This is the ideal place to put in logic to convert data before storing to DB and un-convert back while reading data into your application.

Let’s take an example of using @DynamoDBTypeConverted to create a custom annotation that can be used to encrypt sensitive fields in the database and decrypt back when the data is read through the application. …

I started running about 5 years back and its surprising that I never thought much about my running posture, up until a few weeks back.

I am no expert, but I just wanted to share some simple tips that actually makes a lot of difference in performance and helps to avoid injuries while running.

  1. Back straight, chest up, open shoulders (you should feel tall while running)
  2. Place your gaze a couple feet ahead
  3. Land under your body/ knees
  4. Try landing softly (Watch out for the noise you make with your shoes when landing on the ground)
  5. Swing your arms and…

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