Interns of New York

Varsha Jagdale
Mar 7, 2016 · 2 min read

New York is a great place to meet people, from different walks of life. This summer, I made a lot of new friends who were interning in fashion, event management, medical, communication, international affairs and theatre industry. It was a refreshing break for me especially after being surrounded for so long by techies (First in Bangalore and then at Georgia Tech). Despite the diversity in their work, one thing which was common in these interns was the enthusiasm level and the sense of pride they felt even for “smallest” of their achievements.

I believe that this sense of pride is what really keeps them going even though they are hardly paid for their internship. I wonder if they will be able to retain their enthusiasm as they progress in their careers or will they become a part of the rat race just like many others.

On a side note, it was amusing to listen to the reactions of these fellow non-tech interns on learning that I’m a computer engineer. The responses varied from an overused ‘cool’ to ‘that must be difficult’ to ‘you are studying something which is useful (read something that will help you make money)’ or to the most hilarious one ‘You must be good at fixing WiFi’.

Varsha Jagdale

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Searches for wisdom and wit. Researches human beings. User Researcher @VMware

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