Candid storytelling through anonymity

Varsha Jagdale
Mar 7, 2016 · 1 min read
Stories from the Stranger’s Project displayed at Washington Square Park, NYC

Anonymity is a powerful tool. It gives people confidence to share their stories. I witnessed this when I was reading the heart-wrenching stories from the Stranger’s project which were put up on display in Washington Square Park, NYC. Few stories were inspirational and I believe they would have never been told had they not been anonymous.

Sneaker Culture Exhibit at Brooklyn Museum, NYC

The exhibit on Sneaker culture in Brooklyn Museum shared the similar element of anonymity. People had anonymously pinned down their stories about one of their most prized possessions — Sneakers. Though the stories were not as heart wrenching, it was interesting to see how people associated themselves to their sneaker to an extent that it became part of their identity.

    Varsha Jagdale

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    Searches for wisdom and wit. Researches human beings. User Researcher @VMware

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