Power of Sketching

“My drawings have been described as pre-intentionalist, meaning that they were finished before the ideas for them had occurred to me. I shall not argue the point.” — James Thurber

This is a quoted quote from the “Sketching User Experiences” book authored by Bill Buxton. The piece of article that followed redefined my idea about the use of sketching in the brainstorming phase. Until now, I’ve always thought of sketching as a way to externalize your thoughts — a medium to convey your fully developed intangible ideas to others.

Bill, in the chapter “The Anatomy of Sketching” adds a new dimension to the perspective of sketching. He puts forth the idea of sketching being a medium for dialogue / conversation either between people or with oneself. One should not think of sketching as an end (good ideas) but a means (iterative idea generation) to an end.

I think as an ideator or a designer one needs to embrace this philosophy. In the brainstorming or design review phase, it will condition the mind to receive and incorporate constructive / critical feedback given by others more gracefully.

On a side note, I recommend reading this book “Sketching User Experiences” by Bill Buxton.

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