Seeing the world through the lens of user-centered design

After studying user-centered design, I can feel a major shift in my thought process. This is not applicable just to computer systems but also to the world in general. I now love viewing things through this new lens.

However, I didn’t recognize the changes in my thought process until a friend pointed it. I had inadvertently started applying the principles of user-centered to the real world. During my summer in New York, I tagged along with this friend of mine to Macy’s to buy her some maternity clothes. Macy’s had a maternity section on the sixth floor on the opposite end from where you enter. On seeing my 7-month pregnant friend’s hassle of reaching that section, I quickly blurted out “Shouldn’t the maternity section ideally be located on the ground floor towards the main entrance?”. My friend was pleasantly amused on hearing my comment and asked me what made me think that way instead of just cribbing. That moment, I realized the shift in my thought process.