How to get started with Competitive programming ?

Competition programming is a skill which most of the companies look for inorder to assess a candidate’s problem solving ability!

Bored of such stuff?😒

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Pick a language of your choice-Java or C++ or Python!If you have picked C++,Make sure you know some of the popular STL functions and how to use it!If you have picked Java,Be familiar with Collections Framework and all the interfaces,classes and popular functions used.Python is much slower than Java and C++.I would advise you to start with Java or C++.

🔥You can learn Java as it really simple and does not have any complicated concepts like pointers and operator overloading and much more!

This is the best source to learn Java!

To know more about C++ STL,Refer this too!

This is another good resource to get in-depth knowledge in Java!

Please don’t start with a random problem on Hackerank or Hackerearth.Sometimes even easy level of problems need some pre-requisites like topics from number theory which might include primality test,finding number of factors optimally,Euler totient,sieve of earsthosthenes,segemented sieve etc.

Firstly,read up how to find time complexity of a algorithm!

Remember the order of increasing time complexities as you are a beginner.

Start your journey with basic sorting Algorithms like bubble sort,selection sort,insertion sort,heap sort,quick sort,counting sort,shell sort on geeksforgeeks.

Analyze all the sorting techniques and their time and space complexity.

Do not memorize the solutions of these problems.Just analyze and remember the approach!

You don’t have to know all the algorithms before getting started with Competitive programming!

We get to know about algorithms eventually as we solve the problem!

You might get demotivated as you might not be able to solve any problem on your own!

Don’t worry!Pick a problem with easy tag on Leetcode now and start completing atleast 30 problems of easy level.This will give you a good start to solve the next level of problems i.e. Medium level.

When you get stuck with any problem ,refer the discussion’s forum on Leetcode and it has numerous editorials!You will definitely be able to understand the solutions posted there.

This will boost your confidence!

If you watch all these videos and solve atleast 100 problems of Medium level and 50 problems of Hard level problems on Leetcode,you will crack any interview!


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