A walk in the past

I walk in a stormy lonely path from where darkness starts and darkness meets. I drag a long breathe but smoke fills in my lungs. I see flash of light everywhere gaping between the darkness and, I am all alone.

I am scared.

I see a man walking through the flash of lighting. A tall black figure walking towards me and, his long hair beating against his face.

He rushes towards me gathers me in his arms .His green eyes calming me.

“It’s okay Cassie…It will be okay” he breathes in my neck.

“Brother… I am scared “

His whole body tenses at my words. He releases me from his firm grip.

“I will make it okay” he murmurs walking backwards to the blazing fire.

“Brother!!” I screamed. Only his silhouette visible as he walked into the wall of fire.

“Brother… NO!” I ran after him. I can’t let it happen again. Not again. My feet skidding against the hot floor. Sweat dripping down my face but I ignore it and, scorching heat and smoke choking me as I followed him. Followed his voice.


I wake up to an earthquake and, someone screaming my name.

“It’s okay… Okay just me. “My mother held her hands up in defense.

“You okay?? You were having a bad dream darling. It’s okay now.” My mother said caressing my head.

“Yeah I am okay now “I said passing my hand through my hair and, found it coming wet with sweat.

“You wanna talk about it “

“No.”I replied curtly.

“Oookay…, I am downstairs if you need anything” she sounded resigned.


She hurried out-of-door as she couldn’t get away from me fast. Which is no surprise, no one would want to stay in the same room as mine after that incident. Incident that changed my life, Flash of fire everywhere and, I see fire on my hands too, spreading, burning then I notice it is coming from my hands.

Don’t go there Cassie.

I took a shaky breath and, opened my window to calm myself. From the corner of my eyes I caught a person. A person with long brown hair. Brother.

I hurried out the door and pulled the screen door open. And gave an ear-splitting scream.

Outside stood my brother with his brown locks swaying in the wind and, his red eyes glowing. Beside him a man lay in pool of his own blood. His eyes wide staring into emptiness and a huge gash on this neck.

Before I could say anything, he moved lighting fast. Pulled me up from neck, lifting my legs off the floor. His other hand fisted my hair forcing my face up to his.

“Cassie” he whispered.

“Are you happy to finally meet your father?”

I clawed at his hand, but his strong-arm didn’t budge.

“Yes, you see this man is your father and, with him your mother murdered my father” whispering close to my ear.

“But don’t worry she has already paid up for her deed” and suddenly he dropped me.

As soon as I landed on my hands and knees, I started coughing wildly. After regaining my footing, I ran in searching for my mother but, I didn’t had to search long because I found her in the living room hanging from the ceiling, her pale limps hang lifeless.

“You are next …. Little sister” said a voice from far end of the room but, I couldn’t move my eyes away from my mother.

In an instant, I was pinned to the ground. My head throbbing from the impact. I caught moment of flash, and then a piercing pain shoot up my arm as hot blood poured from it. Knife came down again and I screamed “Brother!!!”

Knife stopped, inches from my neck. I lo0ked up and found green eyes looking at me.

His face full of anguish as hot tears swelled his eyes. Suddenly his eyes became wide, and knife fell from his grasp.

And he was sucked into nothingness.