RANSOMWARE-Kidnapping Of Personal Files

Businesses are still dealing with the fallout from a cyberattack that hit 200,000 victims in 150 countries, with many organizations and individuals wondering if they are at risk.

What Happened in our Computer

RANSOMWARE is the Malware that

Encrypt our important Files.

Our Documents such as Videos, audios, Images or other important

Files are not accessible because they have been encrypted.

Don’t Waste your Time for decrypt the files Because it is impossible to decrypt the Files.

How You Can Recover Your Files

You can’t Decrypt all of your files. You can decrypt some of your files for free. Try now by clicking <Decrypt>. But if you want to decrypt

All of your files . you need to pay for it. You need to pay approximately 300 Dollars for it.

Criteria for Payment

1)-you have 3 days to submit the Payment . after that Price will be doubled. If you don’t pay in 7 Days . you can’t recover your files

Forever. It is just like Kidnapping of your Personal Files. After Paying money there is no guarantee that you recover your files . because you don’t know who the hacker is ?

How to Protect your files from RANSOMWARE attacks.

1)-Run Window Updates to get the Latest Software Updates.

2)- your Antivirus should be up to date

3)-Back up important data on your computer in case it gets held for ransom

What if I have already been attacked?

  1. Don’t pay the Ransom demanded by WannaCry ransomware because there is no evidence of the hackers giving people files back.
  2. For individuals, it might be worth contacting local IT support services.

3. Restore Backups of data.


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