The Art of Deflection

(A manipulative monologue you can use to sound like a victim
and feel justified after you insult or wrong a person)

You see, you should not have expectations;
you would not have felt wronged
had you not had any expectation!

You're biased!
I have my side of the story
just like you have yours,
and yours is pretty much biased.

Don’t assume!
(In other words, don’t think for yourself.)
You must listen patiently
and, most importantly,
agree with what ever I state
as reasons for my behaviour.

How you could take a U-turn
is beyond me!
After all, we knew each other well!

Can people not just accept that I am born with the eternal right to play with their emotions and use them to suit my convenience?

No! I never took you for granted!
I did the exact opposite of taking you for granted.
I just thought you are there anyway,
hanging around;
so, why worry!

No! I didn't lie to you!
No! I didn't do anything behind your back!
I just withheld truth because….

I may use you so that I have some fun and pass some time in my otherwise dry and dull life. But you must not expect an explanation.

You should not look at the past!
Look at the ‘now,’ look at the ‘here and now;’
and that way you get to think I am the nicest person alive on earth.
I’m oozing sugar now, you see.

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