Environment Monitoring Sensors

Well Yes, the first well-known start to monitor the Indoor Environment System of industries, homes, corporates and many other places. The base application is used in Air conditioners which uses the good features known as “Auto Mode” condition to adjust the cooling automatically as per the temperature and humidity sensed by the installed sensor in air conditioners which sense the real-time temperature and humidity data and command the compressors to cool the room accordingly.

By categorizing the application of the environment monitoring system and start with home automation department, then also temperature monitoring system has become the most common feature to monitor and control the specific devices as per the real-time data sense by different temperature sensors. Not only domestic automation systems but in restaurants, storage places, basements, preservation containers, greenhouse monitoring system(use in agricultural applications), industrial applications etc it will always play the significant role.

I would like to go with industrial aspects which are showing the faster and greater boom, when it comes to Decision support systems of industries which is working with the wired, wireless network of private or public secured network and useful for industry authorities as well as the employees working in industrial or corporate or any kind of firms, helps them to be aware with the help of new sensing techniques useful with individual as well as internet network solutions compete with required criteria.

Yes according to company premises and expectation towards these new techniques NCD provides the way best affordable solutions when it comes to temperature & humidity monitoring system and also introduces good and unique kind of wireless temperature transmitters, easily controllable by microcontrollers as well as computers. The temperature distribution system uses highly precise temperature sensors which share the step size signals with 16-bit channel using the criteria of 2 power 16 step sizes. With High accuracy and reliability of this wireless sensor providing long-term power with 2AA batteries of 300k to 400k transmission which is approximately around 4 to 5 years known by the B version sensor and in E version we have to power the sensor with the external power source. With 28 miles of range with a large outdoor external antenna and a clear line of sight availability. Also, users can easily use these devices with 1 to 2-miles clear line of sight applications using wireless sensor networks with the feature of open access protocol in wireless sensors hardware as discussed before in WSN(wireless sensor network) and Smart Vibration sensors blogs. The greatest advantage of humidity monitor sensors is that we can easily use these sensors with PC or laptops as well as with Microcontrollers like MSP430, Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Particle Etc.

Not Only this, wireless temperature transceiver can be connected to online servers like Microsoft Azure and can send temperature as well as humidity readings to Azure, Firebase, AWS, LOSANT, Node-Red etc. online database servers which makes possible for users to monitor through smartphones.

Dashboard System of Wireless Temperature sensor in NODE-RED

These sensors are majority used in Industries to detect the temperature and humidity and send the readings to database as well as different company portals or can be accessed through VPN manageability also, For many different preserved storage Containers and all freezing container application cases, we are able to connect the Temperature monitoring sensors with different wireless internet application which will help us to check the disruption in temperature and humidity readings specified with maximum and minimum range after which message or warning or alert notification will be sent to the users via email or on smartphones easily.

Adding some special application like Pipeline, duct system also uses wireless temperature sensors in the special case to monitor and control the temperature and humidity remotely using actuators which further connected to the fans, exhaust, air conditioner etc.

NCD Dedicated Software for Monitoring system

But still the thinking about “WIRELESS SENSORS CAN NOT BE TRUSTED” can be avoided, with features for users to buy these products and the company does not have to do with your data or anything and for industrial purpose, it comes with 128 bit encryption key which only sends the data to the users which have the sensors and the encryption key. Users can also change the personal key as per its own requirement for which we already share the manual to make it done and is also not traceable by any means, even if it is sending the data to online server cloud or working in the wireless sensor network.

For Knowing about How it works you can definitely go through company wireless temperature sensors article which clarifies all the useful task for online servers by using Arduino using wifi modules and more than that you can also check the manual which shares the connectivity of wireless humidity sensors via PC easily.