Setup the AWS IoT Core

Amazon Web Services

The most advanced Cloud Computing platform in demand which makes life easier for different IT infrastructural solutions. Corporate, Enterprise, Startups and much other different organization are using the AWS for development of a various application like Mobile Apps, Cloud-based, Web apps etc.

As to connect the application with AWS, Amazon has introduced the special service called AWS IoT Core. Internet of things is one of the major which connects all the Real devices with Internet and helps users to control and monitor their from anywhere worldwide through the internet.

Let’s Start with AWS IOT Core

This Blogtut will direct you to the first step of setup in AWS IoT Core and how will you be able to connect your Gateway Receiver with AWS IoT

Account Setup

  • Open Aws — ( in the web browser
  • Click On SignUp(Top Right Corner)
  • Click on Create Free Account


While Creating the free account you have to enter your Credit/Debit as well as PAN card details and AWS will deduct only INR 2.00 for confirmation. After you will be able to use the free trial account for 12 months with the terms and conditions which we should take care of not get a charge in a free trial account

After Account Setup

  • Click on My Account
  • Click AWS management console
  • Mention your Credentials Username and password with which you have signup in AWS
  • After Sign in -> Go to Find Services Search bar
  • Write AWS IOT Core Or Select the AWS IOT core from All Services which are mentioned below and Click on it.

Create Certificate

To Create AWS Certificate and policies to use AWS IOT with MQTT

  • Click on Manage(Left Hand Side Bar)
  • Click on Things(Left Hand Side Bar below Manage)
  • Click on Create(Right Hand Side)


If You are New User and you don’t have any certificate then also click on Register a Thing to create a new certificate. After that, every task will be similar

  • Click on Create a Single Thing
  • Give the thing a name (Do not create Type or give attribute key for starting)
  • Click On Next
  • Click on Create Certificate
  • Download all three Certificate and Activate
  • Click on RSA Download button
  • In the next screen Click on RSA 2048 bit key: Amazon Root CA 1
  • From Next screen copy everything from the browser page and store it in your desktop with the name of Root File
  • In the previous browser page Attach the policy
  • Click Register Thing

Create Policy

After Registering Thing

  • Click on Secure(Left-hand Side Bar)
  • Click on Policies(Left-hand Side Bar)
  • Click on the Create (Right-hand Side)


If You are New User and you don’t have any policy then also click on Create Policy to create a new policy. After that every task will be similar

  • In the next page give a name to the policy
  • In Add Statement in the Action text bar write iot*
  • In Resource ARN Text Bar write ‘*’

Note: ‘*’ in Resource will help users to use all the functionality

  • Click on Allow Check Box

To add the MQTT functionality of Publish and Subscribe

  • Click Add Statement(to add the specific functionality)
  • In Add Statement in the Action text bar write iot*publish
  • No changes will be there in Resource ARN Text Bar
  • Click on Allow Check Box
  • Click Create
  • Click on Certificate(left-hand sidebar)
  • Double Click on certificate
  • Click → Action (Right-hand Side)Attach Policy
  • Select the policy and click Attach

Finally, you are ready to use the certificates with your first Code created for the Real-Time Application which Sends the Wireless Vibration sensor data to AWS IOT Core.

You can Learn about the application using the Blog Post also.