Unnecessary Qualifiers
Tara Mann

You see I am having a bit of anxiety writing this reply because I feel my english isn’t up to the mark or I use a lot of filler words. For example, I am writing this sentence while thinking of closing the tab and abandoning this comment. Also, I use a lot of *this/that* and *also*. Few weeks ago, a senior parter at my company pointed out how the word *that* should be removed from written english.

At work I have started using this structure, “I think this can be placed here…” following up with, “What do you think about …?”.

It’s difficult for me to image starting with, “This can be placed here…” even thought it’s direct, clear and can be followed up the the variation of “Does it sound right?”.

PS: I like Dylan’s style of being direct, using minimum words. Requires conscious effort.

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