Education Escapism!

Are we fueling our children in the Economic machine that we’ve built? Last year data for suicide rates of children is enormously frightening, but what are the countermeasures? Had anyone looked at it?

The first question we ask our children (at the age of 5), What will you become - meaning how will you earn your living? Even a Grass Hopper is quite brilliant when it comes to gathering food and other accomoditites. And we, with such a big brain, we're reluctant about earning our living?

Children are getting injected to run the huge economic machine and at the cost of demolishing their inner creative genius. Is this what we're supposed to do?

Being human is one of the best possibility that has ever happened to us, but people complain “I’m just a human”. Just a human? What else are we supposed to become other than this? We're the only species with so much diversity- two off-springs from same mother differs. Then how is it possible to run "One Vessel fits all" model of education.

Academic competition has risen to such a level, that we don’t have time to relax and think - What are we doing it for and Why? Peer competition shuts the brain and we start to run the same race. But we forget about the aspirations, motivations, others had while doing it.

Now, Let's get to the root of What is Education and what it supposed to do?

First let's get the view point of some Philophers and Edcuational Scientists.

Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev on Education:

Essentially, education is about enlarging the horizons of human perception. But unfortunately today, education has slowly shifted into a mode where people believe it is about enforcing heaps of information. Information is useful in a certain way, but it is not going to make your life; it will earn your living. It is about enlarging a child's horizons, not about giving ready-made answers, but about nurturing an active intelligence which constantly searches and seeks and looks at everything in every possible way. And above all, it is for a child to know the joy of wondering about life.

Sir Ken Robinson on Education:

Education uses uniform curricula with identical textbooks to prepare kids for the same tests at the end of the year. Too busy with formalities, kids miss out on actual learning. If we want to transform the failing model, we need a new analogy for how that model is supposed to work. We treat education like industrial manufacturing when, in reality, it's closer to organic farming.

We’re competing too much with others and in that toil of running, we forget our own capabilities. It may possible to fly, but we tend to go only one step ahead of your neighbour.

Suppose you are in competition with me and the two of us are walking together. If you walk a little faster than me, you will think you have reached the peak of your life. If you fall behind me, you will feel depressed that you cannot walk as fast as me. But if you are not in competition with me, you would explore the possibility of what you could do -- and maybe you could fly. But you will miss out on the possibility of flying because you are in competition with me; all you want to do is take a few steps more than me. Human potential is distorted because people are in competition.

Human genius is completely missing today. People are destroying human genius through the process of education, by teaching competition. It is all about getting two marks higher than the person who is sitting next to you.

Now, its time we start to think what is education and what purpose it should serve? Is it for blossoming our inner potential or only to run the factories? Are we fixing the fate of every child and trying to fit all in a single vessel? 
Otherwise, its a crime to ruin future generation in the name of education. And most importantl, how do we compensate this irreparable loss?

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