Knowing what to do is not an issue, COMMITTING to it is the problem! Many of us lack the proper structures to support the behavioural changes our life goals require.
Psychological Secrets to Hack Your Way to Better Life Habits
Thomas Oppong

Habit formation is a result of many factors. Generic pattern involves:

  1. Desire Creation.
  2. Contemplation: Sufficiently contemplating over it again and again triggers the mind to go for it.
  3. Repetition: And if it continues for certain period of time we get attached and now vicious circle of Habit continues.
Unless and until the Brain (Intellect) supports with proper knowledge that “Why to Refrain from existing habit” and start a Good one, the old loop will continue and its difficult to break it.

Though humans do have Power of Freewill yet at the same time equipped with the Power of discrimination. It’s like:

“ If a man is hungry since 10 days and after a long got something to eat. But someone tells him,

Hey! you know, this food contains Poison.

Now, no matter how hungry the fellow is, he would never eat that food. His Intellect decided although I’m hungry, but if I eat this, poison would kill me.

Note here, though the Man is hungry but discriminatory power of mind didn’t allow him to eat, because it knows the result afterwards”.

Hence, If Intellect firmly decides and knows the pros and cons of habit, could help in changing/breaking it.