Mother’s Day

Not much to say, she is the best happening to anyone’s life. Bundled with so much love, affection, and a solution to any number of problems — be it any esoteric category. One can find true solace in you and be being a constant companion, you hold hands, like no one else.

The day I came to this world, you make sure that each and every passing moment should be reserved for me and me alone. How could I express my gratitude towards you? Constantly engaging in my welfare, you forgot “What is meant to be living for oneself”? How magnificent you and your selflessness. Hardly matters, the amount of repulsion you get — harsh words, tumultuous hearings, though you stand firm and steady with love. Unfathomable, Unflinchingly, you cared for me.

The desert of my heart will be ruthless, completely dried up, lest you garden with your tenderness. The struggles you faced, the hardships encountered, unknowingly lessened the burden of my life. Logical connotations end at you, it’s Motherly Realm — where everything shreds to its purity. Clear, Transparent, devoid of any deceit, full of motherly affection and corridor to relief and relaxation.

The tears went rolling down, how could a swamp explains an Ocean. Any attempt explaining you will go in vain. Who knows if there is GOD or not, yet the way you conduct is bucolic and Godly.

“God could not be everywhere, and therefore he made mothers.”
— Rudyard Kipling

Though we’re sitting far from you, but the only thing moistens the eyelids is one short flash of your memoir. It feels like rushing towards you till eternity and never come back to this absenteeism of yours. It echoes in a horrible manner, and it echoes profoundly inside you too. Though today’s connectivity networks are fast and rigid, but your devoted pathways will remain mysterious to me.

MAA (Mother) — A Dedication

Hard to sail amidst silent waves;
With you, storm feels naive;
Your scoldings seems frightened;
Yet, it’s pragmatic and enlightened;
You held me as your most dearer;
Astounded by your love and care;
It tears me apart without you;
Please fix me with your affectionate glue;
I’ve no words further; 
Just, I love you, Mother!

And In the Last…

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