That’s when spirituality comes in…
Why Entrepreneurs turn Spiritual
Ritika Bajaj

In the words of Steve Jobs: Live each day as If it’s your last!

Trying to live in the moment is not something that is built-in, but comes with practice and with a sense of abandonment. With DEATH in front, can really make up lives super-beautiful.

All the gathered Clutter over lifetimes, seems to shed of, when thinking how temporary this life could be. There is no Guarantee of even next second and we only have “THIS MOMENT” to live/to decide. Either way it can turn and this solely depends on us.

With every moment blissful, can we make each minute, hour, day, month, year and lifetime blissful. And this counts in every aspect of life, If we’re bliss-ed out every moment, how energetic we become and thus increases our creativity and productivity.