A hormonally charged kid wrote this, part 1

We all do this don’t we. When we are somewhere around 18 or 19, and we have to decide whether we want to do science or arts — practice or think — work or have fun — meditate or wage a war — we all shouted out to the world when we had these dilemmas.

Here’s a compilation that I am gonna do of all such articles that I had written when I was in such a stage. In the comments part, the older Me will critique my younger version’s thoughts.

…All in the name of God.

Another two minutes, and they would have immersed the Ganapati Idol into the waters of the lake.Just then, the drunkard came shouting slogans. His shirt was torn, and it seems that he had just slept in a dirty puddle. “Ganapati Bappa Moorya!!”, and all the others seconded his slogan, raising their own voices to his.Suddenly, the air was electrified. And then came the bursting of the crackers.Carnal dances followed, with disturbing consequences. It was then, that my senses literally longed for moksha, and get of this cruel world, which knew neither what it wants, nor what it gets, nor what it has.

What have we done?It all started as a simple, humble, practice of worshipping nature’s miracles. Then, some legend started worshipping Nature in human forms, as it was becoming difficult to imagine the nature’s strangeness. So far, so good. But from then on, deterioration has been a trademark of God. The meaning of God itself has taken a violent face.What have we done?

God, it seems, has become a simple-yet-powerful drug that is available to all who want to escape from God’s own ways, and of course this drug is legal. To be fair and frank, we have stopped worshiping God. Rather, we are using this drug as a tool to ward off all truths and the responsibilities they carry.

Why are we doing this? Ignorance has eaten away the jest of the whole content of Godliness. Enlightenment is supposed to come with the payment o f a certain Dakshina to a priest. And religion is supposed to be supplementing political issues.

There must be a way out of all this,a way to God. A way to escape for escapism. A way to enlighten religions. A way to nirvana. It is just a question of accepting truths. And from then on, everything will be fine. Or at least, thats what we hope.

With that, let me finish this post. In the next post, let’s try to question more about the way we are falling, and the ways to lift ourselves.

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Originally published at varunkurt.wordpress.com on September 17, 2010.

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