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So I thought before I begin starting to write here on medium, it would be great if I could import all of my earlier blog posts scattered across the web.

This post that I have uploaded, apparently, was my first blog post, dated August 5th 2010.

Times when we laugh at people who serve us….

OK, so this is my first official ‘blog’. And I really don’t want to mess it up. so I end it right here.

no,no, wait. there was something to grumble about.Today’s Thursday. I woke up at about eight in the morning. Mom shouts at me, and then I get nothing to eat till eleven. I make myself an omelet, and then thats it. I leave for the massive structure made of bricks and books, called the college. I sit for the class. The lecturer is trying to teach us Atomic spectra. No, wait. He is ‘imposing’ on us, what he calls ” a very important topic in the exams’ point of view.”

Now I am sitting in third row, my eyes half closed. OK, Sommerfield gave a wonderfully altered theory on Atomic structure. And then, Schroodinger made it better. Fine. But what our teacher forgot to mention was something very important: they have still not found the right theory which would explain the atomic structure. And here we are, simply nodding to the words of our teachers, accepting without hesitation every word that he is instructing, with only one thing in my mind: We have to remember this theory, its going to come in our exams. No one ponders over why the theories are incomplete.

Well the reason is simple. Who cares for the atomic structure? As long as we get to have more ‘ego empowerment’, there is no need to find the reason for which we are doing all this study and stuff, right?

We are all immersed in the fact that none of us really gives damn for education. What it has become now a days, is a contract of remaining in the building for the stipulated period,so that the teachers can earn some money, the students can earn some more money and plus, some ego as a bonus out of it.To become great, in our opinion, is to be a man/woman known to a vast community of humanity.

It has been a tradition for us to look down at a carpenter or black smith with a sense of superiority inside us, and to admire the ‘great’ scientists, doctors, artists, and not the people who brought to market the eggs that I ate today morning, or those who keep our toilets clean.Why? because they aren’t half as great, isn’t it?! Think again.

Ironically, we all tend to respect the people who do work that is useless to all, more. The bigger his house and bank balance, the bigger would be the respect he gets. Why? because of that metaphysical,spiritual demon inside us called the ‘Ego’. We all love to race cars ( or at least watch others racing), and the sight of a sports car gives us goosebumps. But what is that nobody cares for a man who toils in a garage to get our car repaired. Is he unlucky?On the contrary, he should be luckier than all of us who love the locomotives, because he is the guardian for them (plus, he also gets the freedom to hit the vehicle any way he wants.ego again!)

The next time you see a person sweeping the road, try not to sow pity on him. Because what he deserves is more respect, love, admiration for the service he does for others.


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Originally published at varunkurt.wordpress.com on August 5, 2010.

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