A startup journey through different perspective!

We don’t have the cute story of college friends becoming founders. We are not born out of a startup incubator. We did not win any demo days and cool startup awards. We don’t have a media agency for stooping PR stunts! We don’t boast millions of freebie users and downloads. We did not snatch venture fund from any sexy investors. We don’t have a cool office in a big-city IT park. We did not begin from startup-hype!

We started our company out of an idea from a problem we faced during our jobs in the industry. We began building simple products by collaborating with problem facing customers. Within 2 years we grew to a 40 member team in 5 countries, multi-million in revenues, became profitable and established a sustainable business model with social impact. We created over 100 jobs in a small town in Kerala. We adopted a village in Kerala and built houses & toilets for poor families. We gifted a school bus and ambulance for the villagers! Our story is not next door type yet gives a different perspective — read on if you are excited to learn more:


Corporate360 is Big Data software startup based in India & Singapore, offering competitive intelligence and marketing campaign audience data for B2B industries. Several technology & telecom companies, enterprise startups, digital and telemarketing agencies across the world use C360 for accessing buyer contacts, total addressable market analysis to create competitive displacement campaigns, design predictive lead scoring, and plan effective email marketing campaigns and cross-sell initiatives.

C360 Team

The business problem

C360 addresses the age-old problems faced by marketers and marketing agencies in B2B industries — having to rely on ever changing transactional data and generic external marketing lists to execute marketing campaigns.

Even though third party marketing lists were often incomplete, irrelevant, became outdated fast, lacked analytics and actionable insights, B2B marketers bought them at flat fee purchases due to dire need — only to see failed campaigns. The practice not just shot up the marketing budgets but also resulted in increasing the turnover time of sales teams.

ProspectR, the product

Corporate360 offers SaaS based marketing data cloud software designed for B2B marketers.

ProspectR is a marketing data software that helps marketers discover sales leads, identify ideal buyer profiles and provides them with competitive intelligence to create effective marketing campaigns. The technology enables achieving higher results on marketing campaigns through increased sales leads and new pipeline creation.

Every day, ProspectR indexes several millions of unstructured technology related documents across the open Internet, the archived web and offline resources to produce a detailed, accurate census of key IT management contacts and enterprise technology installations in use at companies globally. Indexed resources include content such as resumes, social media, case studies, press releases, blog postings, government documents, content libraries, technical support forums, website source code, and job postings.

This Data-as-a-Service Cloud is relatively a new marketing technology that is evolving in global markets. As an alternate to buying rapidly deteriorating prospect lists, marketers and sales executives can subscribe to Data Cloud software for prospects data, lead enrichment, and ongoing data accuracy maintenance. The system provides APIs for delivering marketing data directly to CRMs and Marketing Automation platforms. The benefits are numerous including:

· Automated CRM & Marketing data accuracy updates

· Prospecting data tool for sales teams

· Campaign data system for marketers

· Secondary sales insight data tool for predictive analytics teams

Prospector Data Platform

Marketing Data Cloud is increasingly becoming an integral part of the marketing technology eco system. Data Cloud systems will be fully integrated into CRM and Marketing Automation platforms. This will provide ongoing data standardization, real-time updates, and enrichment of marketing data within cloud platforms real-time. They will also expand their content and feature sets by incorporating multiple marketing data essentials including:

· Email verification

· Buyers persona from social data

· Contacts data privacy compliance validation

· Competitive intelligence

· Account based sales trigger events


The company has won over 230 client contracts globally within 3 years. Global multinationals such as HP, Oracle, Dell, VMware and EMC are clients. Most of the world’s technology companies, enterprise start-ups, and some of the well known digital and telemarketing agency partners use C360 for total addressable market analysis, competitive displacement campaigns, predictive analytics data modeling, marketing campaigns, and cross-sell initiatives.

India Expansion

C360 India Office

C360 has launched Kerala’s first co-working, co-living startup space in a September 2016. The new office can accommodate more than 100 workers, fully furnished living space for 30 executives, giving the space we need to keep growing. C360 India headquarters is bound by MC Road & NH 47, located in central Kerala within a couple of hours from Trivandrum and Cochin International airports and in close proximity to scenic Alleppey back waters. The new office facility is the first rural IT Park, fully owned by a start-up in Kerala, with a unique social impact model of creating employment for women and youths from rural areas.

SmartWorker program

The company runs a social impact business model through a crowd sourcing software called SmartWorker. Through SmartWorker software, Corporate360 hires women, youth and physically challenged individuals from low-income families. The program then trains them to perform simple digital data tasks and connects them to life changing work income. The tasks assigned to these individuals include data formatting, data sorting, removing duplicate data, data correction, data enrichment, contact discovery, data accuracy validation, opt-in compliance verification, email campaigns and internet data research.

The primary social mission of the program is to promote impact sourcing and benefit those in need — unemployed and from low-income backgrounds.

Social Impact

C360 digital learning classes for rural kids

Giving back to the community where we live, work and play is a pillar of Corporate360’s vision, purpose and values. It also reflects the heart and soul of their entire staff. Apart from running the successful SmartWorker Program to solve B2B marketing issues and addressing the problems faced by the underprivileged, Corporate360 also runs a NGO in Kerala, India that is completely funded by the company itself. The main programs being run by the NGO include providing school bus service, ambulance service, housing, toilets and sports training for youths. The company also provides internship program from students fom nearby villages and towns. Read more about our volunteer work here

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