The world is reversed !

“Think good. Everything will be alright.”

Heard this everywhere around you? All songs, books, commercials and specially political speeches. You know why?

It makes you feel good! That rush which everyone is wanting for! That’s it.

The biggest enemy of all time. It craves you more than a cigarette.


It makes you want for more and more and more and it’s available for free.

Positive thinking doesn’t work. In fact, dreamers are the non-doers !

They find their dopamine through their thoughts which is the unreal world they are living in. They are cowards hiding and running away from reality because reality needs courage. They are getting their pleasure through their own realm and that pleasure is actually the problem because it makes you feel the same sense of establishment as you would if you had attained your goal.

I call them PPT. Pure positive thinkers.

Pure Positive thinkers put in least effort and are therefore less successful.

So, does this mean that we should stop positive thinking altogether?

No no no!

What is the solution then? When to think positive and when not to?

Where is the point of balance? Where does reality meets unreality?

The solution is again PPT. Practical positive thinker.

What is this now?

It is the balance point.

Don’t live in the world created by your mind. It will always try to make you feel established. But are you established?

No, This is what define humans. We are cravers and if we don’t get it. We get dumb, boring and idiot. Crave for the reality. We want more. You can always teach you that you have enough. You can do it anytime. But you are a living being. You have to live right? You can’t stop.


When jumping off a cliff

You fall, to only realize that

You had wings the whole time.

Don’t try to settle, only mud settles not humans.

To leave the relationship. To quit the high paying job. To have that conversation. You must have a purpose. A reason for the discomfort or else you will turn back when the going gets tough. But, if you are brave enough to see this fact and still move forward, you will realize that magic is what lies on the other world. The real world.

It is in the spaces of discomfort that your life is formed. In the silence of the day.

We crave for excitement, create it for you then. Don’t just dream it.

Live those fear, excitement, positivity, reality, dreams, visions all the time.

You have to find the balance.

Life is tough.

Whoever said it’s not, doesn’t exist.

Now, I can’t teach you to be practical because it’s not practical to be practical without the practical, so be practical.