The Power Of Break Up — La La Land


Bollywood has made us see love stories as end destination. We have been brought up seeing the ideal story of a happy ending or the unseen world called “happily ever after”.

No one ever tried to show the other story, the other side of the coin. What if there is a heart-break? What if the boy and girl never see each other again?

It’s all around us in the form of art. The unfinished stories of “happily ever after”. The power of heart and emotional energy. The power which the god planted inside us as a Horcrux! The hidden form of your own self.

And this Horcrux has only 2 keys for access.

One is called love, the other one is break up.

We all have experienced the first one quite a lot of times for sure by not just being in a relationship but even chocolates gives the same effect as love.

Gyming and sweating makes us feel we can conquer the world. That dopamine push into your body makes you feel invincible.The sudden rise of emotional energy into your body has been used in the past by the poets, artists, musicians and even the richest businessman.

This emotional energy can be transferred by one person to another.

Research has shown that man traps his energy or his emotions in his creations.

It can be in the form of painting, book, poems, business, movement or be it food.

Still don’t believe?

Why is your mom’s food the tastiest?

It’s made from the heart. Just give her a hug before she is going to the kitchen and see the magic of love.

But there is a limitation of love. You only do impossible things for your partner, not for anyone else. Not even for your self.

You only do it for the person you love! Only for them. Not for you.

Now, what about a heart break?

It’s not just related to just your partner, not just your parents, friends, but to anyone you love.

And, It can happen through 3 things.

Denial, Death or Cheat.

Either the person you love says no, they cheat on you or they die.

Go down your memory lane and try to find the answers!

The best time in your creative life must have been the heartbreak. Go back to the history, read all the story of the best artistic creations of the world.

They all converge to just one thing. The pattern to all of it. The one common element. A heart break.

The biggest masterpiece of the world is created after a heart break!

Don’t believe?

Mumtaz mahal, died in 1631. His husband Shahjahan built what we see as the wonder of the world for her. 20 years, billion dollars. Just for a memory.

In the Oscar nominated movie, La La Land. Mia and Sebastian broke up to finally reach out to their dreams. The movie also showed the part if they would have ended up together then the bar would not have been named Seb’s. What were they trying to show? The love world V/s the break up world.

Be it any artist. Be is any masterpiece. Just dig deep into the story and see what drives them to build that. They are channelising their scars to their artistic energy. They are able to transform that energy into something really deep.

The world was not changed by Gurus Babas or Swamis but those who had emotional energy.

If you don’t believe.

Just go and try for a heart break and then see it.

How does a break up actually feels? For those who have not had it.

The sky feels heavy, your head feels dead, you don’t feel like doing anything. The most depressed state of your life.

A dead body just breathing. That’s how it feels like a break up.

You have nothing to loose.

No fear, only emotional energy that wants to come out. You feel massive energy inside you just waiting for you to channelise.

You have your mental space, the numbness that blank feeling in your head.

You get time to introspect, look at your past, connect the dots because you just can’t stop living. That is the time when you realise what you really want in life. What is the thing that you really want to do?

So the ultimate success formula for your life.

No fear + Energy + Free mind = Create your world

Now it’s your choice. Do what you want. You know the formula and you know the keys to access that formula.

Now, either enjoy the comfort part of “happily ever after” or explore the artistic world of your heart.

Inspired by the ted talk given by Onkar Khullar
His talk is so much more interactive and thrilling than this article. Watch it here.